Top 5 Things to look for in the Best eCommerce SEO Agency

Global eCommerce sales are estimated to increase by 18% in 2020, and it is estimated to increase to $6.5 billion in the next three years. With a very promising outlook, companies need a reliable eCommerce SEO agency to help them navigate their way to the top.

However, before you can expand your reach, improve brand awareness, improve your rankings, and increase your ROI, you need to find an SEO agency that will help you get geared up. Consider the following:


  1. Experience

Before you hire an SEO agency, you should look into their experience. How well have they performed so far in their trade? You will want an experienced team that has gone through a lot of challenges and pulled through. Call the agency and request actual case studies that they can present and review.


  1. Budget and Pricing

Another important factor that you should consider is your budget and the pricing strategies offered by an eCommerce SEO agency. You should look into how much traffic they can bring within the budget you can afford.

This approach means that you should already have a budget that has been set beforehand. Some agencies will have budget calculator tools that you can use to estimate the costs.


  1. Location

Do you hire a local or international eCommerce SEO agency? An agency with a global presence is a recognized authority in the internet marketing industry.

They will definitely know the ins and outs of how to rank your pages. They will be very well-versed with the latest updates in SEO technology. However, there are benefits to hiring locally.

If you hire a local SEO agency, especially one with an office in your city or locale, getting in touch with them will be a lot easier. You may even know some of their staff personally. It will also be easier to help them understand what you need and what your projects are all about.

A local agency will understand the challenges that companies face when it comes to eCommerce. You can also schedule a face-to-face meeting with them.


  1. Marketing Strategies

Every eCommerce SEO agency has a different approach to increasing brand awareness and reach and improving ROI. A great agency will offer to do more than just a site audit. They will want to sit down with you and discuss the different facets of your needs.

For instance, they will want to know how well your pages are ranking and what SEO strategy adjustments they need to perform for you. Expect them to audit your different web properties, e.g., your website, social media, etc.

They may even offer other marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click ads (PPC), a revamp of your social media marketing strategy, content marketing, blogging, video marketing, and email marketing.

One of the goals that they will present to you is to improve your content marketing. After all, content is the king; this is an essential strategy for all eCommerce companies.

The overall idea is to enhance customer experience every time they interact with your business. An SEO agency may recommend using cloud-based tools, project tracking, and a CRM (customer relationship management) system.

One of the goals is to create a well-rounded approach. For example, you can use social media to encourage and increase customer feedback. Reviews about your business will help spread the word organically. Blogging and content marketing aren’t just for providing essential information to your customers.

Content marketing is also a way to boost your web presence. Remember that search engines love quality and useful content. It provides benefits to actual unique site visitors, and it boosts your current SEO ranking.

Apart from blogging, there are other content marketing strategies that an SEO agency can recommend. For instance, they may help you create infographics and downloadable guides, and white papers.


  1. Reviews and Awards

Finally, check the reviews and awards of an eCommerce SEO agency. Recognitions from a governing or award-giving body go a long way where credibility is concerned.

Think of it as an official validation of what the agency claims. You need to check what awards they have won and what each award represented. For instance, if the award was for campaign design, that might mean they were great at presenting the information.

An award for marketing achievement will mean a totally different thing. You will have to determine whether you’re after just their expertise in campaign design, ranking, extending reach, improving sales and ROI, or any other criteria you need at the time.

You should also check the reviews by actual customers. You may also have to check if they have any records with the Better Business Bureau. Customer complaints and those recorded at the BBB will be a big signal. If the eCommerce SEO agency was responsive and could resolve the issue, that shows that they care about their customers.



The best SEO agency for eCommerce is one that can cater to your needs within your budgetary limits. They should be a team that you can easily reach and consult with, especially when things come up unexpectedly.

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