Top 5 Tips for Beginners Who Want to Try White Water Rafting in Colorado

Among the many things Colorado is known for, Royal Gorge white water rafting is the most exciting and what keeps tourists coming back for more. While rafting can be intimidating for some, those who have tried it never regretted getting their feet wet.

To fully enjoy white water rafting Colorado, heed the following tips:

Make it a point to listen and cooperate with the rafting tour guide

It’s your first time trying white water rafting, so you have to make sure to listen well to your tour guides. These people are well-trained and experienced so you can be sure that they’ll keep the activity safe and fun.

Listen to their instructions and follow the paddle commands while navigating the water. When they say paddle, do it. When they didn’t give out paddle instructions yet, don’t start paddling. The guide knows the river very well. This simple tip will help ensure a memorable and smooth rafting experience for beginners.

Listen carefully and understand the rules during the Safety Orientation session:

Before you start any rafting adventure, your guide will first orient you on the safety measures that need to be observed. During this discussion, you will go through various risks that you might encounter on the water.

Your instructors will also make sure that you are briefed on how to respond to these risky encounters. Never underestimate the safety rules because even if you have a guide and companion during the rafting activity itself, it’s a team task. This means each member has to contribute so listening to the “have-to” and safety tips will help you react accordingly during the actual rafting experience.

Paddle together with your team

Reserve your strength so that you can paddle like a Viking on board a warship. Ensure that you’re physically in good shape before trying out white water rafting in Colorado. Otherwise, your “drunken spider” type of paddling might put your team at a disadvantage.

As you already know, your rafting guide will give out various paddle commands as you navigate the wild rapids. To raft correctly, it’s crucial that your crew paddles together as one. Designated paddle captains will be in charge of paddling at the front of your boat. And as your guide gives paddle commands, your paddle captain will also spearhead the unison paddling and stroking.

Members at the back of the paddle captain must complement and feel the rhythm of the stroke. Don’t worry. If you’re not confident with your paddling skills, your guide will give you time to practice it on land before setting on the real adventure.

Prepare yourself for the challenge

For beginners to white water rafting, it’s good to find a comfortable spot in the raft. Guests are made to position around the raft’s perimeter. Certain areas have specific footholds. Those who won’t get these spots will have to brace themselves as they will use the thwarts found on the raft’s interior.

Keep your hands on the raft’s T-grip

Remember to always secure one hand on the raft’s T-grip found at the end of the paddle. Rafters often get injured by their fellow paddlers, so you have to be careful. Also, while traversing through the rapids, some paddlers refuse to hold the T-grip. This might cause them to fall into the water or get injured.

Now that you’ve learned a few tips, you’re ready for your first-ever white water rafting adventure. Book your rafting adventure with Royal Gorge Rafting and Zipline Tours and be prepared to have such fun.

They offer various rafting packages at an incredibly reasonable price so your family and friends can have one great time in Colorado!

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