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Top 6 Accessories That Every Family Car Must Have

Acquiring your first family car can be exciting – to the extent of forgetting what you need on it. New car owners would think that they are okay as long as their car has a music player. The surprise comes when you discover that a running engine is so much more important than anything else. However, that is not enough. You need various accessories to keep your car in good condition for long-term use.

While some accessories may seem luxurious at first, you will discover that you need them in the long run. Buying essential accessories for the family car early relieves you of anxiety and financial constraints when the accessories are required. Whether you have an old car, or you intend to buy one for the family soon, you should consider having these six essential car accessories ready all the time.

1. Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Your safety and that of your family is so crucial. Your trips in the family car should be peaceful and safe. A car fire is one of the deadliest accidents on the road. The fire can start as a result of overheating and stray naked flames or sparks.

Fire extinguishers are must-have accessories in your car. You must keep at least one with you whenever you are going out. Every time you want to use the car, check your fire extinguisher to ensure that it is in order, and the safety pin should be in position and check that it is not bent. You should also keep the accessory near you for easier reach while driving.

2. Smart Car Locator

Some of the places we visit have massive car parks that can easily make your car invisible from any point. You can forget the exact position you packed your vehicle and waste time moving from one point to another clumsy as you try to find it by pressing your keys. It can also be quite embarrassing moving from one end to the other when you don’t know where you left your family car.

To avoid this stress, you need an easy way to locate the car when lost in a large parking lot. A smart car locator uses a mobile app to tell you the exact position where you parked your car, and you can follow the marker to avoid all the inconvenience and embarrassment. Some of the car locators also function as a USB phone charger making charging your phone much faster than the inbuilt car charger.

3. Trash Can

Trash Can

It is vital to take some snacks with you when you are on the road with your family. Satisfying your hunger is essential while driving for long distances. However, most snacks come with one problem. The wrappings can litter the car quickly and make it unsightly. Throwing food wrappings or waste through the car window onto the road is another offense you do not want to commit.

The best remedy for such cases would be to carry your trash can so that you can keep all the dirt while traveling by car. It may seem negligible, but the trash can help you maintain a clean car regardless of how far or how long you travel in your car.

4. Pocketed Net

Shopping for groceries while on the road is easy. Carrying your shopping home in the car is not as easy as spelled out. Your shopping baskets can go to the car boot, but they can easily spill over the contents as you move around because space is too much bigger than the baskets you are carrying.

While large baskets and bags can go onto the roof rack, shopping bags need compact compartments to hold them steadily when maneuvering the bumpy parts of the road or pulling the car to a halt. The pocketed net comes with hooks that allow you to easily attach it to the car so that you can carry your groceries home safely.

5. Vacuum Cleaner

One of the toughest tasks with the family car is that of cleaning and maintaining them. Little usage can bring in lots of dust, food particles, and waste in a short time. The dirt can easily get into the seats and every corner of the car. Cleaning the car might be time-consuming and require more resources than you anticipate.

A portable vacuum cleaner, however, makes the task easier for faster cleanup. The advantage of a vacuum cleaner is that it sucks all the dust, small particles, and drink spills. It also works well on most materials, including leather seats and carpets. Cleaning is easier, and you can use the car’s phone charging output to recharge the cleaner.

6. Electric Car Boiler

Are you a tea enthusiast? You will agree that it is hard to come across tea outlets often when you are on a countryside road trip. It might be inconvenient to stop your car and wait at a roadside restaurant for a custom-made cup of tea. You will also agree that it will cost more to get your tea custom-made in restaurants.

While you can brew some tea at home and carry it along, it is likely going to be depleted before you are half of your day’s journey. You will need a fast way to boil your drink while on the road. With the boiler, you can use your car lighter charger to make tea as you drive. This safe to use accessory also ensures that your drink does not spill while driving. Once your tea is cooked, pull by the roadside and enjoy the cup with your family. Remember to carry enough snacks along.

In Summary

Family cars are essential utilities in many parts of the world. Unless you live in a place where access to public transport is adequate, you will most likely need a car to ferry your family from one point to another or improve the convenience of your journeys. These six accessories are mandatory to have in your car for the best experience and safety while traveling with your family.

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