Top 6 Medical Tourism Destinations

There are various types of tourism nowadays: Adventure Tourism, Business Tourism, Culinary Tourism, Cultural Tourism, and many more. Among the most spread ones is Medical Tourism. A lot of countries are becoming famous for performing high-quality medical services. Thus, many patients seek medical treatment programs abroad.  In addition, patients will absorb new experiences and relax by travel activities.

Countries from Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe are offering lower healthcare costs compared to developed countries. Medical procedures ranging from cosmetic and orthopedic surgery to dental treatment are done by skilled, English-speaking medical care professionals in a hospital with technological advancement.

Each medical tourist has their reason for seeking treatment overseas some want to save money and to avoid long waiting lines, while others are seeking care not offered in their home country. Here are six popular destinations which are often visited by medical tourists:

United States

Despite its high cost, foreign patients still choose U.S.-based medical treatment. Many believe the state-of-the-art technology and surgical expertise are too advanced and efficient compared to other countries. There are tales of near-death experiences and infections after surgery, patients have to spend large sums of money to recover when seeking a cure beyond U.S. borders.  People don’t want to price shop and suffer the risk of poor medical care.

To save on hospital bills, consider private CLHF homes in California to rest and recuperate after the procedure. You will have the basic services of a professional team composed of doctors and nurses, pharmacy, dietary service, and social recreational activities.


Medical tourism in Israel ranks high, from 15,000 medical travelers in 2006 the numbers grew to 45,000 in 2017.  The hospitals are equipped with cutting edge equipment, there is an abundance of skilled medical professionals and medical standards are above par.  Their reproductive health and fertility centers are among the world’s finest.

A medical tourist should not overlook the Dead Sea’s wellness centers and spas where salt and mud treatments, which are rich in minerals, cure disorders from psoriasis to arthritis pain.


With its robust healthcare system, the number of medical travelers visiting Germany is on the rise. The high quality of care, excellent cost-to-quality ratio, stringent ethical standards, and quick access to medical specialists make it a favorite spot for people seeking medical treatment.

In many countries, the number of specialists is narrower than what Germany offers. For example, a patient has to travel to a country for a heart or joint implant surgery and needs to visit another country for dental care or cosmetic needs. Germany offers all of them and more treatment for people who are suffering from ailments.

The country is also famous for its top-tier spas, health and wellness spots, and rehabilitation centers that offer a full range of treatments.


Singapore has a reputation for high-quality medical services earning them the distinction as one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. It is recognized by the World Health Organization as the top healthcare provider among Asian countries.

The government has set up International Patient Service Centres (IPSCs) that work like travel agencies but cater specifically to medical travelers and expatriate patients. It is a one-stop-shop for all medical needs and is attached to hospitals to provide the following:

  • Information and assistance for foreign patients.
  • Hospital pricing.
  • Professional fees.
  • Set appointments with medical specialists.

Most private hospitals will only treat international patients who are covered by an international Medicaid insurance plan.


Taiwan’s healthcare system is one of the best in Asia and offers holistic services from preventive treatment, health screening, and diagnosis to follow-up care of the ailment. The medical network is equipped with the most advanced medical apparatus for examinations and treatments. Healthcare professionals are skilled and updated in the latest medical techniques to make sure that all patients’ needs are met. The medical services in Taiwan are renowned for:

  • Living donor liver transplantation
  • Craniofacial reconstructive surgery
  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • Artificial reproduction
  • Joint replacement surgery

There are 14 Taiwanese hospitals mentioned in the world’s top 200 hospital list, ranking Taiwan the third in the world behind the USA and Germany.


Brazil is the third world’s most visited country, behind the USA and China, for medical tourists in need of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes Brazil as the best healthcare system in Latin America and among the top countries to provide these types of medical treatment.

The country boasts of some of the world’s best plastic surgeons and the medical facilities are at par or even exceed American benchmarks.

Aside from its medical reputation, patients will enjoy its rich culture, a myriad of tourist activities, warm people, excellent cuisine, and magnificent beaches.

Regardless of the location, every patient needs to have medical insurance to afford the cost of treatment for ailments. Americans with low income and disabled enroll in Medicaid plans provided by the government for medical and health-related services. It is a must for medical travelers to secure Medical Insurance Coverage in case of complications after the treatment overseas among others.

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  1. The once highly reputed Medical System in France is unfortunately getting worse & worse. I was lucky to have wonderful doctors for my babies (& later children), & as a woman, but in many medical areas the country is starting to slide downhill with people not getting rdv’s for important health problems for months & months or simply being ignored because they are foreigners.

    France is supposed to be the country of Equality as is written above every town hall and every tribunal. I saw none of this as a single & divorced foreign mother for 15 years. It was a daily, weekly, monthly & yearly battle, leading to a total of 9 years of insomnia. I Thank God for the great doctors I had..they gave me strength when absolutely no-one else did.

    PlanetAcqua4 Liberty, Egality & Fraternity 4 all single foreign mothers & 4 medical progress 4 all with a hello to Dr Haller, Dr Salain, Dr Horyn & Dr Morio. I will always remember all that you did for my children & I as I plan to go & leave behind all the ghastly pain & awful memories from Bordeaux & from Bourron Marlotte.

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