Top 7 Benefits of 3D Scanning

3D scanning is a process in which a real-world object is scanned by a 3D machine that creates a digital composition of the aforementioned object by collecting and saving its data and shape. The data that has been collected can then be used to construct 3D models. 3D scanners have many advantages and are used regularly by engineering and development companies. 3D scanning has completely changed the way that we measure objects and has become a very important component of design processes all around the world. If you are considering using 3D scanning in your company, then look no further than this page, as this page will hope to tell you seven benefits of 3D scanning.

It Saves Money

3D software can save you a lot of time, and a lot of money. Rather than spending days taking measurements and making sure that you have your dimensions correct, you can hire a team of CAD experts to do it for you in half the time. And, for half the price. Previously, before the advent of 3D software, you would have had to pay an entire team to take measurements and dimensions, but thankfully, this is no longer the case. The 3D software saves you a lot of time, and as we all know, time costs money. Incorporating the use of 3D software into your company and doing away with more antiquated methods is the best decision you will ever make.

Greater Access

3D scanning allows you greater access to sites and objects than you would have done before and can provide more accurate dimensions. Some 3D scanning software can take measurements from up to three hundred and thirty meters away, which for dangerous sites like oil rigs and power plants, can be very beneficial. They also provide you with, as previously mentioned, more accurate dimensions and a better quality of measurement. There was, in the past, always room for potential error when taking measurements, but thanks to the accuracy of 3D scanning, this is no more.

Reduced Risks

3D scanning allows you to determine whether situations or scenarios may prove risky in real life, through a virtual environment; this can be a very beneficial thing and can tell you whether or not there are any flaws with your rendering. This can allow you to determine whether or not the product you have designed has any intrinsic errors or highlight any areas that need to be repaired in buildings, such as mentioned in the previous point. It also means that again as mentioned previously, you are at a reduced risk of being harmed should you need to take a rendering of a dangerous location, where previously you would have had to go in yourself, now you can simply create a composition on your computer and identify areas that need repair hands free.

Reduced Risks 3D Scanning


3D renderings are much more convenient than traditional measurement surveys. If you are using 3D scanning for a building or workplace, then having a team of surveyors take measurements can disrupt your workers’ lives. 3D renderings mean this is not necessary at all, and your workers will not be disrupted. It also means that you require, as mentioned previously, fewer people to take measurements of objects for you.

Reduced Error

When taking measurements and conducting surveys personally, there is always room for error. Due to the accuracy of 3D scanning, an error is now unacceptable. 3D scanners can drastically improve the quality of products you produce and can render high-quality and accurate images of buildings or locations. This reduction in error is one of the main reasons that 3D scanning has become as widespread and popular as it is. Business efficiency is boosted tenfold with its usage.


3D scanning’s unparalleled accuracy means it can help design engineers and contractors to produce work in line with their models and guidelines. Compliance control is a very important part of any design process, and 3D scanning has made it much easier.


The scans rendered by 3D scanning software mean that you can send your designs and data immediately via email to your colleagues and partners – thereby increasing productivity and making the collaboration process much easier. In the past, your partners and colleagues would have to come to you and oversee the design process to be able to make their adjustments and measurements. This ease of collaboration means you can work in harmony with partners and can mean that you no longer have to travel to discuss potential adjustments to your design. Designers have never had it as easy as they do now, and this is shown in the quality of work that they are producing now, as opposed to what they were ten or so years ago.

Now you know the seven benefits of using 3D scanning software. 3D scanning is the future, and it is seeing a huge rise in use all over the world.


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