Top 7 Kratom Benefits You Probably Don’t Know

Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom, is a miracle plant that has been used in countries throughout Southeast Asia for centuries. In recent years it has gained both popularity and notoriety in the West as a botanical remedy that can be used for a variety of beneficial reasons.

When it comes to Kratom benefits there might be a lot you would never expect! We are going to go over the top 7 benefits of this unique botanical, so if you are ready to learn about Kratom and what it can do for you then keep reading!

How Does It Work

Before we dive into the reasons why you should drink Kratom you should understand how the benefits of Kratom are possible. Kratom contains over 40 different alkaloids(which we will discuss throughout the article) and two of those alkaloids do not exist anywhere else in nature other than in Kratom.

Those alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These alkaloids vary in their concentration depending on the variety of Kratom which makes each Strain of Kratom unique. The alkaloids in Kratom have properties such as antimicrobial, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and more.

Let’s take a look at the special benefits of drinking Kratom!

1. Increased Energy

Green and White Veins of Kratom, in particular, are known for their ability to increase energy, motivation, and more. They are incredibly uplifting and can provide lasting energy. Kratom is related to the Coffee plant, so it is easy to make an energizing connection between the plants!

There are a variety of methods to consume Kratom powder, however, for the fastest onset of energy, the toss and wash method is the best. This method is simple in that you ingest the required amount of Kratom and then wash it down with water or mix it rapidly and drink it.

2. Diabetes Management

This is a relatively newly found benefit of drinking Kratom, however, it is an important one! The leaves of the Kratom tree are full of powerful alkaloids that have a profound effect on the human body. The unique alkaloids that are present in Kratom may help to control blood sugar by controlling both insulin and glucose levels in the body.

Kratom can also help curb hunger. Because of its ability to keep a person satiated, it could help manage obesity which is a common problem associated with Diabetes.

3. Anxiety and Depression Relief

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in the United States and depression is not far behind. Unfortunately, many people turn to prescription pharmaceuticals to manage their mental health. Dependence on these medications is common and addiction is possible.

Kratom is a wonderful alternative to these medications. The compounds in Kratom help to manage stress and anxiety as well as depression. When taken during times of duress Kratom can help combat the symptoms of an anxiety attack and bring relief in minutes.

4. Combat Addictions

There is an epidemic of opioid addictions in the United States and across the globe. Kratom has unique alkaloids that react in a similar way that opioids do within the body. With that being said, they do not behave in the same way that opioids do in the sense that they do not attach to the receptors causing addiction.

Because of the similar effects of Kratom, it is often used by people who are going through opioid withdrawal or for those struggling with addiction. The use of Kratom leaves for treating addiction is one of the most powerful benefits of Kratom. The plant has the potential to help millions who are struggling to overcome the battle naturally!

5. Pain relief

Yet again, the alkaloids prove their power within the leaves of the Kratom plant! The alkaloids in Kratom can provide an analgesic effect on the body. When using Kratom for pain relief it is best to start with Red or White varieties of Kratom.

These types of Kratom have the highest concentration of pain-relieving alkaloids. Kratom is so effective at treating pain that studies show it has similar qualities to Morphine in terms of pain reduction. Unlike Morphine, however, Kratom use for pain does not come with harmful side effects or potential addiction.

6. Increased Focus

When you use Kratom your body releases a compound that is known as acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter. Acetylcholine plays a vital role in enhancing your ability to focus and relieve pain. Additionally, the use of Kratom can help improve memory.

This is a particularly important benefit for anyone who is using Kratom to increase productivity at work or within their studies. The increased focus provided by the botanical can aid in helping people achieve optimum results in whatever project is at hand!

7. Insomnia Treatment

It might sound a bit strange to consider that a plant can both increase energy and also aid in sedation, however, Kratom can do just that! While the White and Green varieties of Kratom are known for their ability to increase focus and energy the Red varieties can help sedate and relax the user.

The concentration of alkaloids varies depending on the type of Kratom, so depending on which Strain is used the effects will vary. Red Vein Kratom is a great option for anyone struggling with sleep problems such as Insomnia, especially when pain is associated with a lack of sleep.

The Many Kratom Benefits

Kratom is finally beginning to get the attention that it deserves for obvious reasons! These Kratom benefits are important to understand when discussing this powerful botanical. The potential that Kratom has to help people treat issues naturally is astounding.

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