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Offering new products and services requires plenty of hard work and struggle, but the process doesn’t stop until launch and marketing. And if you don’t correctly promote your stuff, you will likely lose money down the line.

With so many companies offering similar products, it is hard to promote, especially if you are on an old and traditional path. It’s time to adopt new tactics and techniques in your marketing strategy to promote a product. 

When it comes to promoting your product, it seems like there are plenty of options. But not all of them are suitable for your business, and finding the right one is pretty tricky. Honestly, there are many low-cost ways to market your product, but it depends on what works for your business or not. In this blog, we will tell you some practical ways to market a new product.

1- Exclusive Preview

Exclusive Preview

For the success of your new launch, you can offer an exclusive preview to your loyal customers. They will not only buy but promote it in their networks. In this way, you can market your product in person, through online tours, previews, demos, or in a virtual pre-launch party.

You can also invite your special customers to come and test the product; it will help you get their honest feedback and improve your product before launch, if necessary. It will create a unique and long-lasting bond between the brand and the customers. Moreover, you can get a third-person perspective regarding your products. 

2- A Special Introductory Offer

Rather than a dry announcement of your new launch, you can make a special introductory offer to deal with discounts, less-cost bundles, packages, coupons, vouchers, buy one get one free deals, free referral gifts, or extra points in a customer loyalty program. 

3- A Social Media Contest

A Social Media Contest

Social media is the biggest source of entertainment in this era, so why not use it for marketing your products in a fun way? Social media contests are an exciting and fun way to connect with your consumers and boost your engagement rate. It is also an effective way of gaining new customers every time. 

You can allow your Instagram or Facebook contest winners to get the first free pack of a new product or get it at a discount price. Ensure to promote the contest across all marketing channels; it will help you grab an audience from all social platforms, not just the one you are using. 

4- Blogging

Write a compelling post about your new launch and engage your existing customers. Also, craft a press release and post it on your blog.

Writing a blog on your new products educates your consumers and allows them to go into depth about features, functionality, and benefits. You can share the link to the blog posts on social media channels and emails for more advantages. 

Blogging to educates your consumers

If you have a landing page for your product, a blog post is a great way to showcase your product or a new offering to the world. 

Tip: You can create a well-performing and attractive landing page in a minimum time by using landing page builders. The most popular one is ClickFunnels, which has a drag and drop builder, hundreds of pre-built templates, and plenty of other best features. Read the detailed comparison of ClickFunnels features and include it in your marketing strategy to promote a product.

5- Hosting Event

Events are best for increasing brand identity. They not only excite your customers about a new product but also engage new prospects. The events don’t have to be super fancy and well-managed. You can do simple meetups in a cafe, fitness centers, salons, spas, info sessions, open house discussions, etc.

Hosting Event

You can host a live Facebook session to demonstrate your product and explain its features. Run live FAQ sessions, and you can also take influencers with you who will better guide the audience in an un-formal, easy way. Virtual events are also in trend these days. 

6- Trade-ins

Consider a trade-in program for your new launch, even in the upgrade of an old product. Trade-ins are effective in the marketing strategy to promote a product. Consumers are more likely to purchase a new product using a credit or token they already have.

You can also use the old trade-in products and resell them (if they are in good condition). Also, the old products can be used for future giveaways.

7- Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Customer reviews play an essential part in the promotion of your products. You can ask your customers to write an online review about the new launch, or you can also provide the material, like some of your new products, for a testimonial. People in the online world trust online reviews the same as personal recommendations. 

8- Facebook Ads

Facebook is an extensive platform with over 1 billion daily active users. You can use this as a door to a vast group of people who will be interested in your services or products. Facebook ads are used to target your specific audience through personalized data provided by the users.

You can set the filters in gender, age, location, marital status, profession, and more. Facebook has many options for budget, ad type, and duration of the campaign. 

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