Top 8 Multiple Sources of Income Ideas for Women

You might have come across women who enjoy financial independence. And wondered how these women have managed to get there. It’s easy for every woman to achieve financial independence in simple ways if you’re willing to exert some extra effort daily.

Therefore, if you wish to be a financially independent woman, try any of these top eight multiple source income ideas. They’re simple and easy and at the same time, very practical and legit. Millions of women across the world are using these ideas to make money and boost their income every month.

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Top 8 Ideas for Women to Earn Multiple Income

You might require a few skills to earn multiple incomes using any of these top eight ideas. In some cases, you might need to invest a small amount of money too. However, I can assure you that your investments and efforts will prove worthwhile because the income you’ll earn will be large enough.

Invest on Stocks

Investing in stocks is the topmost way for women to earn a passive income and that too with very little effort. You might know that the prices of stocks move up or down according to various factors that affect the stock market.

However, these swings allow you to earn a superb passive income too. You can buy stocks when their prices are down and sell when the prices go high. Or you can simply hold them and build an amazing portfolio of stocks of various companies.

And if you believe that investing in stocks requires thousands of dollars, you’re wrong again. There are as many as five amazing apps such as Robinhood, Acorns, and TD Ameritrade among others where you can start your investment journey with as little as $5. You won’t get a full stock for $5. However, you will get a fraction of the stock. And when you keep investing, your fractions add up to the full stock.


YouTubing means making amazing videos and uploading them on your own YouTube channel. Maybe you’re unaware of this but YouTube allows you to open a channel free of cost. All you need is a Google account to open a YouTube channel. And you don’t need to invest in a camera. If your smartphone has a wonderful camera, that’s all you would need really. Also, it’s easy to acquire video editing skills and use free software that’s available online.

You can earn a lot of money by YouTubing as multiple sources of income. To make money from YouTube, you can subscribe free to Google AdSense. This means you’re permitting Google to display ads on your videos. The other way to make money from a YouTube channel is to promote merchandise for others. The third is by teaching people how to make YouTube videos. Some of the richest and most famous YouTubers are women and you could also join their ranks.


Blogging is yet another way to have multiple sources of income for a woman. All that you’ll require are some excellent writing skills, a passion for something a nose for research. You can open a free blog on any platform such as or, among others.

However, I would suggest you go for a paid domain name and website hosting with other essentials that are now available for as low as $9.99 per month only. There are several ways to make money with blogging. There are people who have made more than a million dollar just from blogging.

The first way that women can make money from blogging is by subscribing free to Google AdSense and giving permission to Google to display ads on their blog site. The second and perhaps the most profitable way to make more money is affiliate marketing or selling someone’s merchandise through your blog. The third is accepting sponsored posts on your blog site and the fourth is selling ad space on your blog site. You can also train other bloggers when you’re a master in this field.

Online Tutoring

If you’re a teacher or worked as one, you can find amazing online part-time jobs as online tutors. There are as many as 25 websites around the world that want American women to work as online tutors if they hold the necessary academic qualifications and have some experience in teaching students.

Generally, your class would consist of American and foreign students. Because these foreign students wish to learn subjects from the American curriculum, especially English and Science.

A lot of women who work part-time as online tutors have become millionaires. That’s because they have superb teaching styles that make it easier for students to learn. If you’re capable of teaching, you too could join the booming e-learning industry which is witnessing unprecedented growth in the wake of the new normal following the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. And this industry is projected to grow at a rate of 26 percent every year till 2025 at least.

Social Media Assistant

If you’re among those women who love to spend lots of time on social media, then working as a social media assistant part-time can prove to be a superb source of multiple incomes. Nowadays, social media assistants are in great demand since small to large businesses are marking their presence on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest among others. That’s because social media provides a cost-effective and almost free method of reaching out to a very large audience.

As a social media assistant, you’ll have to upload posts and content on various platforms to the employer. And you’ll also have to respond to comments and Retweets that come on these accounts. Generally, you would be working under the supervision of a highly qualified and experienced Social Media Manager. Therefore, you also get to learn a lot of tricks and tweaks from them which would prove useful for you to work at a senior designation later.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant or VA works like a private secretary or administrative clerk but remotely from home for a few hours or part-time basis only. This is a perfect job for women if they have the necessary organizational skills. Generally, women are known to possess better organizational skills. Therefore, you can work for a few hours from home daily as a VA and earn multiple incomes.

Tasks of a VA include all kinds of secretarial work and administrative functions for the employer. Sometimes, they also manage appointments and meetings for the employer while updating their social media. Since employers don’t require a VA to work for eight hours a day, you can provide services to two or more employers and have multiple sources of income.

Invest on Gold

Women around the world are fond of gold. Therefore, as a woman, you too can invest in gold and have multiple sources of income. There’s no need to buy gold physically. Instead, you can invest in gold bonds and gold stocks, among other financial instruments, and make a lot of money. You might be aware that the prices of gold also are prone to upward and downward swings in the market.

Gold is the most stable way to invest. That’s because despite minor slumps occasionally, the prices of pure 24-carat gold, either as bonds or stocks, always rise to give you a decent profit. You can start investing small amounts of money in gold to earn passive and yet multiple incomes.

Trade-in Cryptos

Nowadays, millions of people around the world are making lots of money by trading on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. As a woman, you too could trade on such cryptocurrencies to have multiple sources of income. The trade isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. There are countless online tutorials on YouTube and blogs from where you can easily learn how to trade in cryptos.

Generally, all cryptocurrencies are divided into infractions. For example, the smallest fraction of Bitcoin is known as the Satoshi. For a small amount of money, you could buy some Satoshi and collect them till the prices go up, as they always do. You could sell these Satoshi when the price is higher or hold them to make better profits.

In Conclusion

I would encourage all women to have more than one source of side income to attain financial freedom. As you can see from my multiple income source ideas, some of them are jobs while others are investment ideas. You could combine the two to make a formidable source of income and earn a lot of money. Being a woman isn’t a handicap if you wish to have multiple sources of income.

Instead, women are better at investing and managing their money. Therefore, I suggest you try at least two of these ways to have multiple sources of income. That way, you can achieve financial freedom faster. Financial freedom is nowadays very important for every woman.

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