Top 8 Sports Documentaries

Sports fans often include their hobby in their daily life. Most of them watch each championship, bet in Nja on mobile, and binge watch movies about their favorite sports. These documentaries are great for sports lovers.


The Carter Effect, 2017

This movie is about Vince Carter, one of the main Canadian basketball players. Carter changed Canadian basketball when he began his career with the Raptors in 1998 and forever inscribed Toronto in the history of the sport.

The interviews with Drake and Carter himself underscore the special attitude of basketball in Canada. It’s a balanced look at how Vince Carter’s distinctive style influenced the city and an entire generation of Canadian basketball players.

Sunderland ‘Till I Die 2018

Sunderland’s departure from the English Premier League was a turning point in the club’s history. This documentary gives viewers an inside look at the dedication of the fans who supported the team despite a truly heartbreaking season and future setbacks. It is an immersion into English football fandom and a true drama about the failures that often go hand in hand with success in sports. This documentary became a story of struggle that turned into a total collapse.

Icarus, 2017

Bryan Fogel’s documentary won an Oscar in 2018. It was originally meant to showcase the process of doping control, but it ended up being more than that.

It tells the story of how the Russian government supports doping use. Together with Russian physician Grigory Rodchenkov, former director of the anti-doping laboratory, Bryan Fogel explains how performance-enhancing drugs can be taken so that they cannot be detected. Rodchenkov reveals how he oversaw the state-sponsored Olympic program. He sheds light on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Undefeated, 2011

It is another Oscar-winning documentary about the Memphis high school team, the Manassas Tigers. Bill Courtney, the new coach of a constantly defeated an underfunded team, helps transform a group of young men who love American soccer into professional athletes. With his help, they win the season and gain unprecedented fame. This is an inspiring and dynamic movie, for which the authors filmed more than 500 hours of footage.


The Dawn Wall, 2018

The film tells the amazing story of climber Tommy Caldwell, who conquered a 3,000-foot cliff face in California under the watchful eye of documentary filmmakers. For weeks, they advance to the summit, jerking and retreating, sometimes climbing just a couple of meters in an entire day. The film complements Caldwell’s biography, which could argue with a twisted Hollywood blockbuster. It’s an honest and visually stunning look at the world of rock climbing.

The Last Dance, 2020

This show has definitely changed the way many people think about sports documentaries. It’s made even those who have never even been into basketball talk about themselves. 

It’s a great story of the triumph of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls of the nineties, put together by the ESPN team. Although it’s a new one, it already has millions of fans worldwide. So, if you’ve been putting off watching for a long time, now is the time to catch up.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive, 2019

If you follow Formula 1 closely, know the lineups of all the racing teams and remember who won each season, this series is unlikely to suit you. Yes, it will show a lot of new things. Yet, in general, it is designed more for people who are not involved in the racing industry. The show serves as great brand advertising for anyone not immersed in championship events. You can see the details of many conflicts, learn about the decisions that were made within the teams, and get a new perspective on Mercedes or Ferrari results.


Losers, 2019

Are you tired of movies and TV shows about incredible sudden victories and overcoming yourself? Then Losers is definitely made for you. The title here speaks for itself. It’s a short series of eight episodes, each revealing the stories of athletes from different sports. They have one thing in common: fatal bad luck in their athletic careers. Losing is always hard, and that’s on full display here.

From eight people, we get the answer to the all-important question, “How do you deal with feelings of dissatisfaction and just accept reality?” Losers is not about weak people. It’s about coming to terms with the fact that you have failed. And this skill can come in handy at any time in life.

After all, these documentaries will teach you a lot, even if you are not a sports fan. They are not only about tournaments and matches. They are about strong people who deal with their problems and can overcome obstacles. Each of these shows and movies is available on Netflix and great if you want to watch something alone or with your family. 

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