Top Benefits and Types of Rugs That You Need to Know

Rugs can transform any room with the right color and design that can match that of your house. Also, not everyone realizes this, but your choice of rug design and style can tell a lot about your character as a person. For instance, a sharp and dark color can display power and boldness. 

There are plenty of benefits owning rugs can provide either in your home or business. They can enhance your house design, increase security, and protect your floor from any scratches or scuffs. That is if they are not filthy. If you find cleaning your carpet challenging, a rug cleaner in Boston could be a perfect move for you.

Here are the top benefits of having a rug:

1. Provides comfort and warmth

If you are not the type to wear inside slippers, having a rug can protect your feet from the cold and hardwood, especially during cold seasons or living in areas with colder climates. It is also no doubt that floors with rugs provide a more comfortable and warm feel on the feet than a bare hard floor. 

Bare concrete, wood, and tiled floors are not only chilly in the colder months, but they also do not retain heat. With this, it can be a pain waking up in the morning and stepping on the freezing floor.  

Adding a rug to your floor not only provides warmth but, with its soft and fluffy texture, can create a cozy feel. 

2. It gives an aesthetic view of your home

Rugs are a work of art. With varying beautiful designs, colors, shapes, and materials, they can enhance your house décor. Dark rugs can be placed in lighter spaces to contrast the structure and vice versa. 

Bright colored rugs can provide a bolder cast on your room, while neutral colors can give a softer feel to the room. It can showcase the furniture, wall designs, sofa color, and curtains.

3. It reduces and muffles noise

Rugs muffle the sounds of your footsteps when you move from room to room or on stair rug runners. Noise can be annoying, especially if you live in a small home where sound can be heard from room to room. It can disrupt your sleep, wake your baby, and even disturb your studies.

Rugs can also help absorb the sound and vibration from your shoes, slippers, and feet and reduce the sound and vibration from moving on about. So, if you notice your hallway or any room in your home that gives too much echo, buying a rug can help solve the problem. 

4. Provides cushion

Another benefit of rugs is their ability to cushion a fall of objects. Cushioning can reduce echo, vibration, and sound. Also, if you accidentally drop a breakable item such as plates, vases, mugs, glass cups, and other fragile items, your rugs can prevent them from breaking apart. 

Also, if you have a toddler or a baby, don’t you worry every time they slip or fall? With their growing curiosity, mischief, restlessness, and playfulness, tripping or falling can be inevitable. A hard bare floor can cause fractures and injure the head. But, with a rug to cushion their fall, this problem can be prevented. This also applies to the elderly.

5. Protects your floor

Rugs can be a great help to protect your floor from any damage caused by unprecedented accidents. If you have a wood-like floor, a rug can help prevent spilled drinks and food from staining them. Also, it can help cushion the fall of any object that could cause holes and other problems to your floor.

Over time, high traffic areas such as the living room and dining area can become prone to scratches, especially from chairs and tables. Placing a large rug can protect your floor from these friction results. You might also want to add one in the lounge areas where your kids play.  

Using rugs can also cover your floor imperfections such as cracked tiles and stained floors. This can be very helpful if you do not plan to have them repaired, especially when you’re just renting a space temporarily.  

There are various types of rugs that you can choose from. They employ varying designs, quality, and fiber. Before buying one, it is crucial to understand each rug’s quality, material, and specialties. This way, you can choose the best option that suits the standards of your home.

Below are the different types of rugs that you can choose from:

1. Wool rugs

Wool rugs have been popular rugs for centuries. One of the best traits of a wool rug is its sustainability. It is a biodegradable component that can be recycled or returned to the ground. They are harvested from sheep and have a long life cycle. Also, these types of rugs are flexible. Meaning, that even if it is stretched out, it can still return to its original form. 

Wool rugs offer a classic and luxurious ambiance in your home. They are also durable and are not easily dislodged, making them ideal for heavy traffic areas such as the living room and lounge areas for children. Wool rugs are also equipped with a natural light wax that makes them stain resistant, making them easy to clean. 

Wool rugs are natural insulators. They can keep you and your house warm during the cold seasons while providing a relaxed environment during the summer months. More importantly, they are flame retardants due to their naturally high protein content. When ignited, it can only burn weakly and will not spread. 

2. Cotton rugs

Cotton rugs are made from cotton plants which makes them environmentally friendly. It is also an inexpensive choice. Cotton rugs are best suited in the kitchen, living room, and dining area. The best part is, that the cotton fibers offer a soft feel on the feet, strong material, and can hold dye effectively. 

More often than not, cotton fibers are woven together with other fibers such as wool to create a more durable product. The downside is, that cotton rugs tend to be vulnerable to staining compared to other rug types. It is also susceptible to wearing and trampling. This can be a great choice if you are the type to change rugs from time to time. 

Nevertheless, cotton rugs can easily be cleaned. You can hand wash them or vacuum them.

3. Jute rugs

A jute rug is made from a jute fiber that is hand-woven and spun to create coarse strands. Jute, also known as golden fiber, is an Asian grass containing durable fiber. This rug can be an excellent option for people who are looking for biodegradable and sustainable rugs. 

It does not contain any chemical ingredients, so it can decompose when it comes in contact with water. They can serve as fertilizer for your plants. 

Jute rugs are also low maintenance. Frequent vacuuming can increase its longevity, quality, and durability. 

The downside is its extremely absorbent quality which makes it vulnerable to wearing and easily decomposing. You would need to keep it from moisture and direct sunlight exposure. Exposure to sunlight can cause fading and wearing. 

4. Leather, hide, and sheepskin rugs

Rugs from animal hides such as hide, leather, and sheepskin rugs have been popularly used for centuries. Leather and hide rugs are one of the top sought-after vintage rugs. They come from animal skin such as horses, cows, goats, lions, crocodiles, etc. When maintained appropriately, they can last for a long time and are difficult to cut. A great option if you do not have the time to keep replacing your rugs. Sometimes, leather and hide rugs are woven together with other materials to create a softer touch.

Sheepskin rugs are high-quality choices that provide a soft and delicate feel on the feet. This rug can also give a luxurious view of your home. Moreover, it is naturally high in density with beautiful ivory tone fibers. Cleaning and maintaining one is a challenging and delicate task–a rug cleaner in Boston may be of particular help in this case.

5. High-pile rugs

High-pile rugs, also known as shaggy rugs, are best used in low to moderate-traffic spaces in your home. You can place them in your home library, study room, or guest rooms where fewer people are going to and fro. You can also put them in your room, which only you have access to. 

High-pile rugs are perfect decorations if you aim to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in your home. This rug can also serve as an excellent cushion for you if you slip or fall and for the objects, you accidentally drop. 

The tall soft strands of the high-pile rug provide an incredibly cozy feel on the feet. However, this can also make it difficult to clean. Another downside is the demand for high maintenance. Vacuuming is not enough to clean it as the dirt can accumulate or stick within the depths of the material, making it difficult to reach. The long fibers are also vulnerable to shedding over time. 

While there are plenty of designs and quality to choose from to transform your house, you must select the rug that best suits your house’s design and color to match. To keep your rugs in the best condition, you can hire the best professionals to clean them for you. Over time you will need to clean them up.

Cleaning a rug is a complex process that requires the use of the equipment and expert hands. DIY methods can ruin your carpets or make things worse. A rug cleaner in Boston can offer you professional service. If you live in the area, you visit their website and review their specialties. 

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