Top Benefits of Cowhide Leather for MacBook Sleeves

Cowhide leather is made from bovine skin. It’s real leather that underwent a treatment process to take out the natural smell and make sure it lasts a long time.

The process of tanning leather dates back to ancient times. They make use of the natural leather as fabric to keep themselves warm during the cold nights.

Because of its natural properties, cowhide would make excellent material for handcrafted leather MacBook sleeves. The quality of the leather depends on the livestock and the tanning process. For instance, grazed livestock produces better leather grades compared to cows raised in a commercial factory.


What Makes Cowhide the Best Material for Sleeves?

Cowhide leather possesses several properties, which make it one of the best materials for handcrafted leather MacBook sleeves.


These properties include:

1- Waterproof. In general, leather is not waterproof material as some may mistakenly believe. In fact, leather is known for its permeability. Over time, water will eventually cause the leather to rot. Cowhide leather, however, has gone through a treatment and tanning process that makes it impervious to water.


2- Durable. By its nature, leather is a very strong material. In this case, it can withstand the abuse. When you use it as sleeves, you can guarantee that whatever device is stuffed inside will be protected from shock, fall, and from crushing. It’s breathable material and extremely flexible. But its malleability doesn’t compromise the strength of the material.


3- Doesn’t crack. Untreated skin is prone to cracking. This usually happens when the material becomes too dry the pores are stretched to breaking point. Although you can’t see it, leather skin has millions of pores on the surface. It helps the skin to absorb moisture or expel heat. However, these pores will become dry if the material hasn’t undergone the proper treatment. You won’t have such a problem with cowhide leather.


4- Doesn’t tear easily. Cowhide leather also doesn’t tear or rip easily. That means you can subject it to abuse without worrying about causing any irreparable damage. It’s a perfect material as a gadget sleeve because it can shield the breakable device or laptop inside even if the sleeves drop to the concrete.


5- It lasts a long time. Cowhide leather typically costs more than an ordinary fabric. But you are actually saving money since the material will last five times longer compared to other fabrics. This means you don’t have to replace the sleeves every few months. Another benefit is that tanned leather ages gracefully. There’s something about old leather that speaks character.


The handcrafted leather MacBook sleeves from Mission Leather Co. is fashioned out of cowhide leather for durability and a tinge of luxury. A soft wool lining will protect the aluminum body of the laptop, so it’s free of scratches, dings, and dents.

Cowhide leather is also a supple material when it ages. The more you carry around the sleeves, the smoother the surface is going to be. Try out the leather sleeves from Mission Leather Co and be the envy of others.

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