Top Benefits of Digital Marketing

Even in this day and age, there are a lot of Australian startups and small businesses that fail to capitalize on the benefits of digital marketing. This is particularly surprising, seeing as how Australia can rightfully consider itself one of the world’s leaders in the field of digital marketing.

In other words, it’s a utopia for all those who aim to outsource this area of business, seeing as how there’s an abundance of skilled aid out there to browse through. So, for all those who are still on the fence, here are the top six benefits of digital marketing that you need to consider.

– Greater visibility

The first thing you need to understand about marketing is the fact that it gives the best effect when people are unaware of the fact that they’re being targeted. You see, if you are the first one to make a move (target them with a pop-up window, send them an email or a ling), they will start with a certain level of suspicion of your intentions and motives.

On the other hand, if you manage to create a scenario where they find you on your own (by increasing your visibility via SEO or some other method), they will see approaching you as their own idea. This will make them a lot more susceptible to any proposition that you make.

– It’s an industry norm

In this day and age, every single one of your clients expects you to have at least some sort of digital presence. Let’s be completely honest, one of the first things people will do when they hear about your business is to try to look you up online.

So, what happens when they can’t find you? Well, they assume that you either don’t exist or that you’re not big/reliable enough to do business with. In other words, having an online presence is more than mandatory.

Digital Marketing Industry

– It’s easy to outsource

Another major advantage of digital marketing is the fact that it’s quite easy to outsource. You see, there are so many specialized agencies out there that you can easily outsource to. The best thing about this in the present day is the fact that this phenomenon is so widespread that you can even find a local agency to collaborate with.

For instance, as a Brisbane-based business, you can look for a reputable SEO company in Brisbane to do business with, instead of looking for potential partners in Sydney or Melbourne. This kind of arrangement creates a significant logistical advantage that you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss.

– Increasing sales

The power of e-commerce is rapidly growing and taking over the majority of industries. However, what a lot of people don’t know is the fact that your online presence affects even your offline sales. Namely, there’s a statistic that about 78 percent of local mobile searches end up being offline sales.

Why is this so? Well, we can only speculate but it’s likely that people want to check your offer, your prices, or even the physical address of your brick and mortar establishment before committing to a purchase.

– The ROI is more transparent

John Wannamaker once stated that even though he knows that half the money he spends on marketing is wasted, he can never know which half. The funny thing is the fact that this principle no longer applies to the world of digital marketing.

With the help of highly sophisticated analytical tools and traceable traffic, you can easily calculate the ROI of every single one of your digital marketing methods. Some methods, like PPC, only cost you if they bring the desired results (you only pay for links that actually get clicked).

– It lets you target ideal buyers

There are some people who are simply never going to become paying customers, regardless of what you do. You just can’t sell landscaping equipment to apartment dwellers, no more than you can sell skiing equipment to permanent residents of Bali, Indonesia.

Wasting your time, effort, and resources on the “wrong” crowd is, simply put, a waste of money. Fortunately, through the above-discussed analytical means, it’s more than clear that digital marketing allows you to target ideal buyers.

In conclusion

Spending your money on marketing is an investment, one that is bound to give you positive returns when used properly. Still, it’s also a field that’s highly complex and competitive, which is why it’s for the best that you entrust this to professionals. In other words, outsourcing is probably the right way to go.

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