7 Top Chatbot Platforms in 2020

Are you thinking of creating a chatbot for your website? Check our list of Chabot platforms and choose the one you’ll be using for your bot!

According to a survey, 80% of players in the business sector are already using chatbots or are planning to do so. The global chatbots economy is also expected to grow and reach a total of $1.25 billion by 2025.

Today, there are over 1350 virtual agents and chatbots around the world.

Several large brands already have fascinating bots that serve their customers and their target demographics quite well. Consumers already know how to use chatbots in various forms.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conduct a conversation with people either via text, audio, or both.

Computer programmers design chatbots to simulate how humans speak such that one cannot tell whether they are talking to a robot or a person.

There are a lot of chatbot platforms that are available today. These platforms help brands develop appropriate chatbots to help them retain and even attract more customers.

Chatbot platforms contain tools that one can use to build and customize the chatbots that they need for their customers.

Here are some of the top chatbot platforms:

1. ManyChat

This chatbot platform is the best when you want to create Facebook Messenger bots for support, sales, marketing, and also to grow ROI and revenue. ManyChat powers over 400, 000 businesses throughout the world and supports 1B+ monthly business-to-customer conversations.

ManyChat has a visual drag-and-drop bot-builder that allows novices to set up a Facebook Messenger bot and gives you the tools you need to grow your Messenger audience.

With this platform, you can broadcast a message to all your subscribers at once. Companies can also automate their Messenger, chatbot marketing, and send messages from Facebook, YouTube, RSS, and Twitter.

2. Botsify

If you want to set up your bot fast, then this is the platform that you can use. It is very easy to use, and you do not need to have any knowledge of programming to use it.

Botsify will allow you to create intelligent chatbots for sites like Slack and Facebook Messenger without coding.

The templates on this platform are customizable, and it also has a drag-and-drop interface that is very user-friendly.

The platform also introduces conversation forms that can collect information from the user through the conversation. Botsify customers include Shazam, Apple, and Unicef.

3. Meya AI

If you want to build sophisticated bots or cognitive applications, then Meya AI is your platform of choice.

This chatbot platform has a cognitive framework that contains all you will need to build a bot and allows you to build, host, and train your bot in one place.

Meya AI has a bot with a code editor, live debugger, visualizer, and test chat. It also integrates smoothly with third-party applications and allows you to scale your bots to make use of those that are popular.

4. Chatfuel

This is yet another easy to use chatbot platform that a business can use to build bots without coding.

It specifically builds bots for Facebook and offers various editing tools that you can use to design your bots as you desire.

Using this platform, you can build a chatbot that can serve as a customer service advisor, a personal avatar, or an event assistant.

One of the best features this platform offers is that it adds a person to your database when they interact with the chatbot.

Chatfuel’s technology also gives insight into how the bot is performing.

Some of the companies that use this platform include Lego, TechCrunch, T-Mobile, and Adidas. It also has up to 30,000 users and unlimited bots.

5. Panorabots

This is one of the largest and oldest chatbot hosting services in the world.

Over 300,000 chatbots have been built on this platform, including the famous Mitsuku chatbot.

Enterprises and developers that include Fortune 500 companies and global brands use this platform’s cloud-based services to build conversational interfaces.

The platform supports the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), and even though it is very easy to use, it also drives sophisticated conversations, and its bots can be built and developed on home hubs, web, mobile, Telegram, Slack, Twitter, and Line.

6. MobileMonkey

This platform is also aimed at non-technical users.

While it is easy for a newbie, it also has some features that can build a more sophisticated behavior in a bot.

For example, the bot can be able to store a user’s response to a certain question and reuse it later.

With this chatbot platform, you can build chatbots for Facebook Messenger and use various lead generation tools like broadcast messages, drip campaigns, chat blats, and list building.

You can also automate customer service by giving answers to frequently asked questions to save time.

The service is free for unlimited contacts but with limited features, or you can also pay for the premium plan that includes 5000 contacts, unlimited live bots, Facebook pages, and agency dashboards.

7. Aivo

Starting in Argentina in 2012, Aivo’s founders were looking for a way to reinvent communication between businesses and their customers.

Today, it is one of the most successful chatbot platforms and has handled more than 12 million conversations in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Aivo’s customers include LG, Visa, General Motors, and Uber.

This platform builds bots for all organizations regardless of their shape or size. The bots are also AI-powered and allow companies to respond to their customers in real time through either voice or text. They are also set up to understand different rules and adapt to offer the right auto response.

AI chatbots are adding value to content marketing. They create a more personalized experience for customers by tailoring the responses and the content they give the customers following their interests and queries.

Consider These Chatbot Platforms for Building Your Business’ Bots

AI chatbots are the future of online marketing.

Several businesses are already using some of these chatbot platforms to build engaging bots. Chatbots are also cheap and can work around the clock, and this allows companies to offer excellent customer service.

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