Top Cleaning Tips for the Summer

When summer is in full bloom, the last thing you want is a messy house and a cluttered garden. In Britain, a heatwave can come out of nowhere and you want your home to be ready for guests and barbecues instead of spending your time cleaning when you could be outside, enjoying the sunshine. Don’t delay, get your summer cleaning underway and follow these five top tips to make the entire experience so much easier.


Take care of the building’s exterior

Over the winter months, it’s likely that the outside of your home has taken quite a beating; the paint job might be chipped and the roof shingles could have come loose during the last big storm. Don’t put off these tasks – hire a professional or get the ladders out and tackle them yourself. Start with the small things such as cleaning the mud from the walls and unclogging the gutters to ensure that they’re debris free; sometimes, this mud can be caked on, so make sure you have the toughest cleaning products at your disposal to cut through the dirt.



Take a look around your garden; how many unused bikes can you see leaning against the wall and how many kids’ toys have been abandoned in the grass? Use summer as an opportunity to declutter and get rid of any items that you simply don’t need. You can get the kids to help you out during their summer holidays and encourage them to either sell on their items or give them to charity. While you’re at it, get into the shed and hack away at the cobwebs and dirt that has accumulated over the years; once it’s been spruced up, you can get creative and turn the shed into a unique room or den for the family to enjoy.


Don’t forget the outdoor furniture

It’s been a full year since you’ve taken out the garden furniture and it’s probably been through a lot. Check the furniture for any signs of damage or rot from the damp weather and keep any that is salvageable.

Remember that your furniture has been exposed to the elements as well as wildlife, meaning that it will be in serious need of a deep clean. Give your furniture a once over with some anti-bacterial cleaning products to ensure that it is clean enough to eat your barbecue food from. However, make sure that you’re using some environmentally-friendly cleaning products so that they don’t impact the nature and wildlife in your garden.


Make your windows shine

There’s no point in cutting the grass and cleaning your garden to perfection if you can’t even admire your handiwork from the window. You might be surprised to see just how much grime can accumulate on your windows and limit the amount of light entering a room. Use a specialist glass cleaning product to clean your windows to perfection and make them shine. If you have the time, don’t neglect the windows’ exterior; grab a sturdy ladder and give the outside of the windows a clean too.


Vacuum regularly

Summer is a glorious time for most people, but many hay fever sufferers might disagree. A high pollen count in the summer months can lead to constant sneezing and can even trigger asthma symptoms for some people. However, you don’t need to be outdoors to suffer the consequences as pollen can find its way inside your home. One way to tackle this is to vacuum regularly and wipe down surfaces and curtains with some excellent cleaning products.


However, you decide to spruce up your home this summer, make sure you only have the best quality and environmentally-friendly cleaning products to help you with the task at hand.

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