Top Coffee Trends Of 2021 You Must Try

Coffee, Ah! Even the word gives us coffee lovers immense joy. The aroma and flavor of coffee are unmatchable. It is probably the reason why the market of coffee in Australia is growing steadily.

And it will continue to see a growth of 5% between the years 2020-2025.

With the evolution of the coffee industry, many trends are coming to light. As a result of people’s experimentation with new flavors and brewing methods. From dalgona coffee to using biodegradable coffee pods, multiple coffee trends are on the minds of coffee lovers in 2021.

Here are the top coffee trends of 2021 that you should try.

Trend 1: Biodegradable coffee pods

Coffee pods are a big hit, especially in Australia. The convenience, ease, and flavor it provides are growing in people. However, there is always a concern about the impact of plastic pods on the environment.

Not anymore! Manufacturers are coming up with biodegradable pods, making it easy for you to recycle them.

Trend 2: Coffee subscription

In the wake of the pandemic, coffee subscriptions are the newest and hottest trend. And why not? You get at your doorstep every month or any form of subscription you search for. There is no compulsion as you can cancel the subscription anytime if you feel the taste is not up to your liking.

Trend 3: Healthy coffee

Every coffee aficionado can agree that sometimes our coffee can be a bit unhealthy for us. If you drink plain black or espresso, you are fine (In limit). But adding cream, full-fat milk, or half & half to your coffee is undoubtedly not healthy.

Therefore, people are looking for a healthier version of their favorite coffee. Also, they are trying to look for alternatives to ensure a healthy gut and lifestyle.

Here are a few healthy coffees you can try at home:

  • Mushroom coffee: Mix your traditional black coffee with mushroom powder to make it healthier. It is best for your digestion as well.
  • Collagen: Several people are adding collagen to their morning coffee for their gut health. Collagen is also great for skin and bones, inspiring people to include it in their daily cup of joe.

Remember, coffee is not unhealthy. The addition of sugar or cream makes it unhealthy. So try natural sweeteners like stevia or use vegan milk, or go black if you drink more than one cup of coffee every day.

Trend 4: Dalgona coffee

A trend that came to light in 2020. Unquestionably, you must have tried it. If not, it is high time you do. It became popular due to the pandemic leading to various creative recipes. Dalgona coffee is still immensely in trend in 2021.

This lightly whipped coffee is delicious and appealing. And you can also make this coffee with biodegradable pods.

Tip: do not count your calories when trying this trend.

Trend 4: Snapchilled coffee

Snapchilled coffee is trending because it provides chilled coffee while also preserving its flavor and freshness. It is gradually but surely replacing iced and cold-brewed coffee.

Why is it popular?

  • It is coffee in a can. However, since it uses hot water to brew it, it keeps all the flavor intact.
  • Snapchilling chills the coffee immediately, which doesn’t ruin its palate.

Trend 5: Coffee in a cone

The streets of Sydney are trending coffee in a cone. If you are planning a trip to Sydney, it is one thing you cannot give miss. Coffee, cappuccino, or espresso in a chocolate cone is an excellent coffee dessert that you must try once

Trend 6: Instant coffee

Australis will see a massive rise in the consumption of instant coffee. And not just as an ingredient in desserts or complex food items. It is going to be a product that people will use to make coffee, like dalgona. Do not be surprised if you see a healthy rise in competition between manufacturers looking to make healthier and tastier instant coffee.

Trend 7: Non-dairy milk options

Every country is seeing a rise in milk options at their local coffee shop. Vegan milk or plant-based milk is becoming a common ingredient in a coffee shop. The popular options are- Oats, almond, or soy milk.

Coffee is not just a beverage; it is a sentiment. It is one drink that can uplift your mood and give you the energy to be productive. So, do not let your coffee become boring. Try these new trends and give us a shoutout if you have any other trends to add to this list.

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