Top Five Best Resorts In Bangalore Outskirt For Couples

Holidaying with your loved one is already a very exciting feeling and people hardly get to experience that soon. While thinking about holidaying we consider India to be one of the best destinations in the world where you would be able to explore a lot of things and at the same time your experience of different things would keep on increasing while you would be in India.

India is a diverse country not only because of the diversity of cultures but the variety of holiday spots is way too much in India. If you are wondering about the best places to explore in India then you can head straight to Travelila where you will be able to find the fine corners of India to visit during the holiday and there you will realize that Bangalore is one of those cities in India where couple loves being in.

Since Bangalore is a city that is mostly crowded with people couples tend to find hotels on the outskirt of the city which seems equally beautiful and fascinating at the same time.

While you can get hotels for your family outing finding a couple of friendly hotels is still a task luckily Bangalore has several beautiful hotels where couples love to spend quality time and if you are wondering about some of them, then here are some of the best resorts in Bangalore outskirts for couples that you need to check out and also you can consider staying there next time you visit Bangalore:

Guhantara resort

Known for its beauty, Nusantara resort is said to be one of the best couple-friendly resorts that Bangalore has and the resort seems unique that one would easily get driven to the beauty of the resort which is a great thing.

Guhantara resort

Now apart from beauty here are some features of this resort that make it a perfect couple’s hotel although many family people visit the place and never complain about any such problems. The best thing about this resort has to be its theme which is inspired by the Malaysian cave resort it turned out to be so beautiful that this place has been named as the heart of the cave and the beautiful design of the place contributes a lot to this hotel.

The place is quiet and peaceful which makes it best for couples and there are so many features in this hotel that would make your stay amazing.

Guhantara resort

This place has got some set up for rain dance which can make your stay too much romantic and also you would be able to go trekking and can participate in several live games that are very exciting for sure.

Apart from that, you would also be able to get the dining facility from the restaurant inside the resort which serves delicious food with a romantic setup, and at the end of the day to get over all the tiredness you can check in to the spa of the resort.

This resort also has its bar counter to cheer some drink with your loved ones and the best part of the whole stay is to get back to those cave-line small rooms of the resort which seems super cute.

Prakruti resort and spa

This resort is quite famous in Bangalore and is known for the beauty it possesses the hotel provides amazing hotel services which please the one who stays in this place.

Prakruti resort and spa

The name of the hotelPrakrutii itself means nature and following the name the resort made sure the interior of the hotel stays connected to nature which is a great initiative taken by the resort for sure and the surrounding of the place has actually made the place quiet peaceful and if you want to spend quality time with your partner then this is the place to be in with your partner.

The hotel architecture is to die for and anyone would fall in love with that beauty but apart from that, some specific facilities make it a perfect place for couples to stay in. This place promises a relaxing stay so if you are looking to destress yourself after a hectic week of work then this is the place to be in and you would not regret your decision for sure rather your whole experience would be top class throughout the time in this place.

This place has some exciting activities to go along with some adventurous games which are amazing and at the same time, you would also be able to enjoy certain rides over the place which is equally exciting for sure. The rooms are very beautiful and the nature concept can be felt in the room as well.

Golden palms resort

This resort is not less than any palace and fortunately, this resort is situated on the outskirts of the city of Bangalore which makes it the best choice for couples. It is however famous for couples but even people with family love to come over to the place and enjoy their stay and they love it.

golden palms resort

This is a huge resort that is constructed over a huge area of about 14 acres and the area is filled with greenery making the resort a close-to-nature place. This place is perfect for those who want to enjoy a luxurious stay and since it is quite far from the city the place is very peaceful and rarely any crowd takes place over the area which is a plus sign for the couples.

This resort is, however, the most preferred couple resort in this city and honestly, the resort has got enough reasons for the same.

The luxurious rooms of the hotel with fine hotel service make the stay even more comfortable which is a great thing and apart from that there is a swimming area where you can get your day sorted while being in this hotel and you would also get a fine done option so you would not have to visit a different place for your food.

ITC Gardenia Bangalore

ITC Gardenia Bangalore

Did you see a desire to be in a palace with your partner with all the royal services? If you still have that desire then head straight to this amazing resort which is known for its royal look the architecture of the hotel is so beautiful and detailed that at first look you might mistake the place to be a royal king’s palace and people especially in this resort for the luxurious stay.

This is the best resort in Bangalore and this place even gets counted among the best hotels in India you might need to pre-book your room for a confirmed stay since most of the time the resort goes full which reveals how popular the place is among all.

This hotel has a poolside where you can plan a romantic date though there are so many other romantic options in this hotel that you can try along with your partner. The place also serves some delicious food and has a wide variety of food options which is a great thing.

Urban valley resort

If you get driven by the waterside areas where you can enjoy water rides and all then you should consider this place to be in with your loved ones. This place is famous for water adventures and activities and apart from that; you would be able to spend some quality time with your partner while being in this hotel.

Urban valley resort

It is situated beside a lake and even if it is a outskirts hotel the infrastructure of the hotel makes the place modern which is so beautiful to see. Here you would not only be able to experience a hearty time with your love but also you would be able to relax in this place which is the best part of the stay.

These were some of the best resorts in Bangalore outskirts for couples which you can check out and now that you know where to be in then you can head straight to Bangalore with your loved one and for more such amazing things you can browse through Travelila.

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