Top Flooring Options for Your Living Room

When finding the best way to decorate your living room, we can agree the sky is the limit. You can explore several décor ideas, from the walls to the room’s color scheme to the type of furniture that will make it all come together. And while you are at it, the floor should not be neglected. There are various options that you can explore. It comes in different textures to give your room some character, colors, and design to make it all vibrant and even features that complement your current décor.

As a result, there are four popular flooring options in Australia that most homeowners immediately fall in love with; read to find out a little more about each option and find what could work for your home.

1- Travertine

For a unique natural feature for your home, Travertine has been the go-to option for most homeowners. The stone comes in several colors, and whichever you choose for your home will immediately flaunt some level of confidence in its décor. You have the option of getting it in gold shades, browns to accentuate your love for nature, creams for something neutral a rusty color to give you that timeless feel.

2- Marble

Marble has been around for centuries, and still offers that elegant look, a timeless feature indeed. Suppose you are looking for ways to showcase your sense of style, how about playing around with some marble? From the table tops in your kitchen to hand washbasins for the bathroom, you’re not limited to these options, consider adding marble flooring to elevate your unique style. It comes in soft colours making it easy to compliment any décor theme you might have, not forgetting the durability it will offer your home.

3- Limestone

The limestone flooring option offers some versatility level that creates confidence for each homeowner looking for better ways to improve the look of their home. How about having something different for your living room or even walkways, you could go an extra step with it and have it on your walls. There is an endless list of ways you can incorporate limestone into your home, and with the beautiful finish it offers, you might get obsessed with the new look you offer your home.

4- Basalt

Some of the ancient buildings that we love are made of basalt; this was the go-to option for natural stone used in ancient empires. Once we realized the benefits of this natural stone, its use has evolved over the years, and we have found different ways to incorporate it into our homes. If you’re looking for a timeless look in your living room, how about getting some basalt tiles? And if you are into the contemporary look in your home, this stone can bring life with a variety of natural colors it offers. You will notice that every basalt tile assembled in your home immediately adds a unique touch to your décor.


Looking for ways to improve your home’s current look? How about upgrading your floors with some of these natural stones? You could also experiment with some on your wall to offer you that appealing edgy look.

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