Top Kitchen Appliances in 2023

If your kitchen has seen better days and despite trying to ignore it, you finally reached a point where a renovation is on the cards for 2024. Your stored equity means you can splurge a bit, after all, we are talking about the busiest room in the house, and with that in mind, here is our list of the top-selling kitchen appliances as we see out 2023.

  • AI ovens – Smart tech is invading our homes and a state-of-the-art wall-mounted electric oven that is managed by AI is considered the ultimate appliance this year. What can it do? It’s easier to say what it can’t handle, which is pretty much nothing. The device manages the cooking temperature and get this, when the meal is cooked, it takes a hi-res image and sends it to your smartphone! Induction plates are all the rage and they heat up in no time use less energy than most ovens and are super-easy to clean.
  • Smart cutting boards – Is there anything that isn’t ‘smart’ these days? Take out your premium steel kitchen knife and a removable screen takes you to new recipes that you can watch while chopping veg. The boards pretty much last a lifetime and they make for an excellent Xmas gift, along with a set of chef’s knives. Some chefs are sold on ceramic knives, while others swear by Japanese steel; the choice is yours! For the best selection of kitchen knives, search online for Australia’s leading supplier of pro chef knives that come with a lifetime guarantee! Imagine never having to buy another set of kitchen knives!
  • Smart refrigerators – Voice-activated, a smart fridge is a lot more than a space to keep stuff cool; auto temp regulation, power-saving options and cool neon lights! You can ask the device how many eggs are in racks without opening the door. Ice-making means your drinks are always chilled to perfection. In a matter of a few years, everything in the kitchen will be voice-activated, making it a real pleasure to cook!
  • Smart microwaves – They are here! A state-of-the-art microwave that is voice-activated and can cook many different things; the variable settings are touchscreen and you even have the option to change the color of the lights.
  • Air fryers – The latest generation of air fryers cook fries to your desired color, making them ideal for a variety of preparations. To view the best brands, Google is the tool to use and when you find the one that ticks all your boxes, you can order via their website. The appliance uses minimal oil, which is much healthier than traditional oil frying and if you are looking to keep those calories at bay, this is the appliance for you!
  • Yogurt makers – Yes, it’s finally arrived, a device to ensure you always have enough natural yogurt; it even has a separate section to store chilled milk. Many Australian homeowners love to add yogurt to a lot of meals and with this smart device in your kitchen, you will always have freshly made yogurt on tap.
  • Smart coffee makers – You can manage the coffee brewing process from your smartphone or voice-activated. Once the machine knows exactly how you like your coffee, it can handle everything while you’re poaching your eggs and just as the toast pops up, the coffee is ready! For a comprehensive viewing, Google is the place to go; almost every major appliance manufacturer has their own smart coffee machine.
  • Smart dishwashers – We are not talking about a wife with a PhD, but rather a dishwashing machine that automatically senses the load size and only uses enough water to get the job done. It tells you when the cycle is about to be finished and experts predict that in 2024, your dishwasher can have a conversation about how your day went!
  • High-speed super blenders – From making the perfect smoothie to slicing cucumber, the latest generation of super blenders can do it all, and some! Create smooth sauces with the utmost ease and this user-friendly gadget can do so many things, it will take you months to fully master its range of settings.
  • Smart bread-making machines – There are bread-makers and there are bread-makers and this baby can be set on timer and when you wake in the morning, you are greeted with that delicious aroma of freshly baked bread, just the way you like it!

If you are planning a full-on kitchen renovation, design the room around a smart control centre and all your appliances can connect via Bluetooth; it might take you a while to get the hang of things, but once you do, your kitchen will be super-efficient.

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