Top Medical Marijuana Myths Busted

Even though medical marijuana has been made legal in many states in the US, there are many myths that people still believe in. Many people think medical marijuana is a joke and do not consider it to be real medicine.

Here are some of the common myths associated with medical marijuana and the reality behind them.

Myth 1: There are no studies conducted on medical marijuana

This is not true. There have been hundreds of studies conducted on the benefits of medical marijuana. New studies are being added to the list almost daily. A simple search online will show you many studies that have been done over the past years on how marijuana helps people with certain conditions.

Myth 2: Using medical marijuana is an excuse people make to get high

In reality, medical marijuana does not make people high. They are specially created by extracting CBD from the marijuana plant and do not give the ‘high’ that the marijuana plant itself provides. The CBD in medical marijuana is used to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, manage muscle problems, and reduce nausea.

Thus, it is possible to use marijuana for its medical benefits and keep the psychoactive part of it separate.

Myth 3: Legalizing medical marijuana has led to an increased crime rate

Contrary to popular belief, legalizing medical marijuana has resulted in a decrease in the crime rate in many states.  It has also led to a decline in criminal activity and smuggling of marijuana. The law has led to a rise in local farmers who grow marijuana that is then sold to legal dispensaries across different states where it can be sold legally.

Myth 4:  Medical marijuana leads to other drug use by users

According to researchers, medical marijuana has helped people with addiction and also allowed them to lower their dependency on prescription drug abuse while using medical marijuana. Most of the drug overdose deaths in the country were related to prescription medications such as hydrocodone and oxycodone.

When people use medical marijuana for their symptoms, they can minimize the use of prescription drugs which increases the chances of them getting addicted to them later.

Myth 5: Medical marijuana can cure just about anything

There are plenty of studies that suggest the benefits of medical marijuana to help manage the symptoms of many diseases and also cure them. However, many people think that marijuana can cure any disease known to man, and this might be an exaggeration. As with any medication, it is always better to consult a doctor before taking medical marijuana for any condition.

Breaking these myths will allow more people to benefit from the use of medical marijuana. If you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card, it is best to apply for it online. All you need to do is fill up the online Medical Marijuana Card application on an official website according to your State.

Then, upload all the necessary documents, and you will receive your card in the mail within a few days. Also, these cards are not valid for life and have to be renewed every year.

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