Top Reasons Why Jewelry Is A Good Investment

When De Beers coined the marketing slogan, “A diamond is forever,” in the 1940s, the company raised the monetary value and grandeur of diamond jewelry. Diamonds acquired emotional significance, not just monetary value.

In the years following that campaign, more and more people started acquiring various kinds of precious jewelry to celebrate milestones in their lives and to collect rare jewelry pieces as investments.

Questions on whether jewelry is an investment or not abound, here are the strongest reasons why it is a worthy investment for you to make:


It’s ironic how expensive and rare pieces of jewelry are very easy to bring around and store in your own home. When you’re not using them, you may safely and conveniently keep your jewelry in vaults.

Limited-edition pieces from known jewelers such as Tiffany or Cartier are valued today at over $1,000 and can be sold years from now at higher prices. You have a fortune in your possession, and it doesn’t take up much space in terms of storage. The same thing can’t be said of bulky antique furniture or designer bag collections, for example.


When you purchase jewelry, you see your investment concretely. You may put your jewelry on display, or use them whenever you want. Jewelry is wealth that you can wear.

You may immediately enjoy and derive pleasure from investing in jewelry. In comparison, certain money investments such as mutual funds or stocks are not as tangible and will need time before you see any concrete increase in value.


Whether you plan on using the jewelry you acquire or keeping it for possible reselling in the future, the investments are worth it.

Historically, gold and diamonds have always been popular and in demand by consumers. This holds even during times of economic recessions or political upheavals. The successful De Beers campaign for diamonds was rolled out after World War II, and it increased both the demand and prices of diamonds even amid a country’s recovery after a war.

Gold can be melted and used to create new jewelry pieces, so its monetary value stays quite high over the years. On the other hand, cash can fluctuate in value as it’s heavily dependent on the economy per year. Jewelry that contains a high amount of gold will always hold great worth. Currently with the varied economic crises around the globe, gold, as well as gold jewelry, continues to sell at notably high rates.

Diamonds are just as important and highly valued as gold. When needed, diamonds may be taken out of their original settings and reset in new designs. Even loose diamonds are in great demand and are quite expensive. The size and quality of a diamond greatly contribute to its value.

If you’re keen on investing in diamonds, you must look for large and high-grade diamonds. Those that are of exceptional size, high clarity, good color, and with the fewest flaws possible will command very high prices in the future. You can be assured of this.

Jewelry Sentimental Value

Sentimental Value

Each piece of jewelry has sentimental worth, which is hard to quantify monetarily. A popular example of jewelry pieces that are one-of-a-kind and hold great sentimental value are personalized items such as necklaces, bracelets, and promise rings. You may click to find out more about giving jewelry that will surely be of great value to someone you love.

Jewelry that has symbolic meaning for its owners becomes precious heirloom pieces that are handed down from generation to generation. When you’re buying jewelry, you’re investing in values such as love, commitment, and tradition.

Making the right choices in your jewelry investments

As with all the other kinds of investments, educating yourself is key. Improve your eye for assessing varied jewelry pieces, and hone your abilities in buying. Doing so is double-purpose. Buying quality pieces will benefit you today, for your pleasure and enjoyment. In the future, your good choices will benefit you financially if you decide to resell it.

Keep in mind that jewelry is a good investment for the long term. If you acquire high-quality pieces now and are willing to wait for about 10 to 20 years, you can be assured that the value of your jewelry will increase for as long as you know what pieces to invest in today.

Just as important as buying smart, acquire jewelry that you love and that you can wear. There’s certainly no reason why you can’t enjoy your investments.

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