Top Reasons Why Nursing is Such a Rewarding Career

Most of us would agree that a career in nursing is difficult but rewarding in equal measure. Yet we might not know exactly what happens in the life of a nurse, and why it’s nurses themselves who are often the first to say that they find the work so meaningful and rewarding.

In this short article, we’ll look at the top reasons why nurses are so satisfied in their roles, despite extra-long and grueling hours and experiences of loss and trauma on the ward.

Top Reasons Why Nursing is Such a Rewarding Career

– Connection

There are few jobs that get you as close to the human condition as nursing. If that feels a little profound, consider that nurses are often working at the extreme of emotions – from jubilation at recovery to grief at a loss, and everything in between.

Connecting to patients is something that nurses relish and remember for the rest of their lives, leading many to work on it long into their old age. No wonder many nurses work extra unpaid hours – it’s part of the job to offer that care and connection to the patients under their care and supervision.

– Variety

The sheer variety of experiences that nurses encounter on the job is also a key reason why many fall deeply in love with the career. Patients are diverse, as are the hospitals where nurses can work. The work itself is diverse too, from simple palliative care roles to emergency departments, elderly care wards, and special clinics.

Finally, the training and job opportunities are diverse and exciting, with nurses able to retrain as administrators as well as managers, mentors, and teachers. Nursing is certainly never boring or monotonous.

– Making a Difference

There are hundreds of different jobs out there that you’d be hard-pressed to describe as making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Your average bank clerk or shop assistant is providing a service to a customer, but they’re not in a position to change a life.

That’s why nurses feel so special in their roles: they provide a level of care that can breathe new life into people, almost literally. Seeing the impact of a recovery on a family is equally rewarding, and a reason that many nurses wake up every morning for their long shifts.

– Little Moments

Most nurses will tell you that it’s the little moments that count most on the job. Sure, they’re helping to save lives and to facilitate recovery from illness, but small tokens mean a lot too. A box of chocolates from an out-patient, or a thank you note from a grateful family, sit among the treasures that nurses will receive every month.

Little moments and tokens like these help power nurses’ indefatigable energy, giving them the inspiration and motivation to continue providing top-level care for everyone who is placed under their supervision.

Final Thought

Nurses enjoy one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, as this article goes some way to explain. From little moments to the sheer variety of experiences on the job, nursing is a truly meaningful career.

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