Top Three Spoty Slip-ups That Made Us Cringe

Whilst a lot of people may be gearing up to search through the Sports Personality of the Year odds and win a bit of extra cash for the holiday season, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the most cringe-worthy moments from the award show’s past. Celebrities are people too – and with that, they make mistakes!

Be prepared to squirm as we re-live some eye-watering slip-ups and misguided jokes that have taken place on the SPOTY podium.

Andy Murray

In 2016, Andy Murray made history, for several reasons. Not only was he the first person to win BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year three times, but he was also responsible for possibly one of the most awkward televised moments that the world has ever seen. Sadly, at this year’s reward show, Murray couldn’t make it in person, so instead, he accepted his trophy virtually, via a satellite linkup from Miami.

Surprisingly, there were no technical issues during his speech, but that would have only been a small mercy, considering what followed. After giving a bog-standard acceptance speech – the kind that we’re used to hearing – Murray was made to remain on screen for another minute or so, in complete silence. Then, the credits slowly began to roll, with the tennis star just staring into the crowds. Understandably, his winning smile began to fade after a while!

James Corden as Smithy

2010’s Sports Personality of the Year award show was one for the books. James Corden was called upon to provide a little entertainment and accepted an award as his comedic alter ego, Smithy. If you’re unfamiliar with the character, he’s one of the public’s favorite faces from the sitcom Gavin & Stacey – due to his relatability and simple attitude towards life.

So, Smithy took to the stage to accept a mock coaching award, and he had a few things to say while he was there! Previously, he’d mingled with a whole host of sports personalities, so the audience was expecting an unconventional take on the classic thank you speech – but this time around, we’re not sure that it quite went to plan. Corden began to deliver cutting jokes and quips, and the celebrity audience reacted appropriately, however, it soon turned into a lecture about “selling out” and being desperate for their next book deal, which didn’t seem to go down quite as well with everyone – with those that it applied to being unable to stop themselves from squirming in their seats. What’s more, he also went in for a hug with the Italian football manager Fabio Capello, which seemed to be a very uneasy interaction!

Tyson Fury

When it comes to Tyson Fury, this is more of a prediction of a potentially awkward moment to come. Tyson Fury has come out this week and asked to be removed from the BBC SPOTY shortlist, claiming that he’s “the people’s champion” so doesn’t need any kind of official board’s approval. The request has been viewed as a snub, and many seem to think that Fury is missing what the award show is really about – coming together as sports fans.

His request has seemingly been denied – so if he is to win in his category, we could be looking at a rather unimpressed speech, if any!

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