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Top Tips For Balancing Driving Lessons With Your Studies

Have you just returned to school after a long summer break? Maybe you’re taking that big step towards adulthood and are heading off to university. Whichever the case, your studies are important. They’re going to help you to pursue your dream career and take the next step towards your future.

But what can also be important is getting behind the wheel and learning to drive. As you’ve grown up, you’ve probably craved more freedom, and driving is a sure way to secure it. What’s more, when you’re applying for jobs, many roles will require you to hold a full driving license, making it an important skill to add to your repertoire.

Your studies should take priority, but it’s completely viable to learn to drive whilst at school or studying at university. For some top tips on how to balance your driving lessons with your studies, read on as we reveal all.

Make a schedule

It goes without saying that as a student, you’ll probably have a few commitments to juggle. You have your studies, your assignments, and your sports and hobbies to factor in, so you need to think about where driving will fit into your hectic life.

One of the best ways to do this is to make a schedule so that you can organize yourself for the week ahead. This could be in a digital calendar where you can set reminders and are notified when something’s coming up. Or it could be a physical calendar that you can color code, annotate, and stick on the wall.

Once you’ve made your calendar and filled it in with everything that you’ve got going on for the week, you can figure out where driving best fits into your life. You might want to book a lesson for the same time each week or change it every week based on your workload.

Book a time when you’re most productive

After a long day in school or an intense lecture, you might feel drained and not fit to concentrate for another hour or so in your driving lesson. You should book your driving lesson for a time when you feel fresh and ready to learn — to get the most out of your time with your instructor.

Your driving lessons will require full concentration so that you remain alert, and aware of any hazards that may present themselves. You may also want to consider traffic, especially if you’re learning to drive in the West Midlands, in a big city like Birmingham for example, since the roads will become more congested and difficult to navigate at certain times.

Thankfully, many instructors are flexible with the times they offer. Some may offer you early lessons before school, or weekend slots to work around your studies.

Practice in your own time

If you’re fortunate enough to have your car to practice independently or are insured on a member of your family’s car, you should try to make full use of it outside of your driving lessons. The more that you drive, the more confident you will become, and the more likely you are to pass your test the first time.

You could drive to or from school, make full use of your spare time to hone your driving skills, or simply practice your maneuvers in a local car park. Just make sure that you take a calm, responsible adult with you, who will remain level headed if you encounter any difficulty.

Your studies should be your main priority, but it’s completely possible to balance them with learning to drive. You’ll need to ensure that you manage your time properly so that you can fit in your studying, recreational activities, and driving lessons.

Don’t forget, to pass, you’ll have to be able to dedicate time not only to the driving lessons themselves but to learn all of the theory involved, to pass both of your examinations.

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