Top Tips For Choosing the Right Event Management Company In Sydney

Being Australia’s largest and most populated city, Sydney is home to many events – both large and small – every single year. Getting a good events management team on board is vital to the success of an event. It can be the difference between a smashing success or a dismal failure.

When it comes to event management companies, Sydney likely boasts the most out of any city in the country. So, how do you go about finding event management services that are a good fit for you and your upcoming event?

That’s what we’ll be viewing in this post.

Check For How Long the Company Has Been In Business

Any business that offers events management and planning will likely have experienced staff on board. The problem is, if they’re a brand new company, even though everyone is trained and qualified, there will still be teething problems while they iron out the kinks in their new enterprise and it naturally takes time for a new team to work together harmoniously and seamlessly.

When you’ve shortlisted a few companies, check the ‘About’ page on their website and see how long they’ve been up and running. You’ll usually find some references to businesses and companies they’ve done events planning for too. You could even give these companies a call and find out what their experience was like dealing with the events management team you’re interested in.

Do They Offer the Type Of Services You Require?

Not all events planning and management companies offer the same services. Some will specialize in certain types of events while others will offer a more diverse and generic service. As a general rule, the bigger the company, the more types of different events they’ll likely cater to.

If you’re staging a corporate event, but a company you’re looking at only focuses on events that involve food and beverages, for example, that company is not going to be a good fit for your needs. To save time, when you start your search, make sure to look for companies that cover the niche your event will be in.

How Big Is Your Event and Can the Events Management Company Handle It?

Let’s say the event you plan to stage is a trade show, where the plan is to hire out an entire convention center and have perhaps 100s of businesses and stalls involved. This is an event on a fairly major scale, so you’ll need to enlist the services of an event management team that can comfortably handle the scope of your trade show.

On the flip side, you might only want to host a very small affair. A large events company may not even cater to small events, so this is something you need to be mindful of and it’s a pertinent question to ask when making inquiries.

How To Find An Event Management Company

The simple way to start your search is the internet. Begin by opening Google or Bing and typing in something like ‘event planners Sydney’. You could refine this search phrase further by including one or two keywords related to the type of event you plan to stage.

Go through the results, check out the About pages, what types of events they cater for, and so on, and make a shortlist. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to call up the companies and ask any questions you can think of. One of those questions will be about price, so you can at least get a rough idea early on what they might charge you for organizing your event.

Another option is to ask around among the people you know. Maybe someone in your personal or business circle recently held an event and they might be able to recommend a company to you.

Search For Independent Reviews and Testimonials

Online you can take the names of the companies on your shortlist and see if you can uncover some independent reviews and positive testimonials from other people who have hired the services of the companies you’re interested in.

While testimonials you find on the company websites are fine, you want to read testimonials from outside sources.

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