Top Tips for Successfully Exhibiting at a Trade Show

If you’re planning on exhibiting at a trade show soon, then now is the time to get organized and start putting plans in place. Trade shows can be a huge upfront cost for the company, so it’s essential to put in the groundwork to reap results.

With the correct strategies, trade shows can be extremely beneficial to the growth of your business, by building awareness of your brand, meeting other industry professionals, and making greater sales.

Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before the big day include – ‘how am I going to stand out from the crowd?’ Plus – ‘how am I going to maximize my budget?’

Here are several innovative ideas that are guaranteed to make your trade show experience a huge success:

1. Bring Your Best Employees

Those who are representing your company at the trade show have a huge impact on the overall success of the day. Bring along employees who aren’t afraid of public speaking and have great communication, sales, and presentation skills.

Remember that the individuals in attendance will ultimately be the face of your business, so don’t take any chances when it comes to choosing those who will be representing you.

It may be worth training your team in the weeks beforehand on what to expect and how to connect with consumers who approach your stand. In doing so, it ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal.

2. Give Away Free Merchandise

Everyone loves a freebie. At trade shows, free products will be handed out consistently as part of each business’ brand promotion campaign. Typically, the handouts will be some form of branded merchandise.

While the consumer may not take much interest in the present moment, they are likely to delve through the items they have collected once they arrive home and make the effort to find out more about your business.

You can purchase a wide range of customized promotional products, including mugs, keychains, notepads, and water bottles to either sell or give away at

3. Create an Interactive Stand

Attendees will be bombarded with hundreds of stands while walking around a trade show, to the point of being selective with those they approach. In this regard, your stand has to catch their attention, which can be achieved with a fully interactive display, consisting of touch screens, games, or activities.

In turn, your customers are likely to remain on your stand for several minutes, which gives you more time to discuss your brand and trigger their interest.

4. Don’t Overlook Social Media

While your business is on the road, keep your social media followers in the loop. Take photographs and videos throughout the day and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. If you have the cash to make significant investments, you could even decide to hire a celebrity to appear on your stall.

This tactic not only draws in the crowds, but photographs are likely to be taken and uploaded online which will feature your stand in the background.

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