Top Tips to Make International Shipping Less Stressful

If you have ever sent a package overseas, you probably know that international shipping can be stressful. Although a great selection of carriers, nearby package drop-off locations, and other perks make it more convenient, shipping overseas still comes with challenges.

It’s easy to feel at a loss when trying to figure out all the rules for sending items internationally. But it’ll be less stressful if you keep in mind these few tips. Here they are.

Arm yourself with knowledge

We feel stressed about things that we don’t know or don’t understand. That’s why the best way to make international shipping less stressful is to do your research. Once you know the dos and don’ts, you’ll feel more relaxed.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the customs regulations. They differ from country to country, thus it’s essential to check what rules are applied in the region you’re shipping to. See what information needs to be provided for a smooth customs clearance so that you won’t need to worry about your parcel being held up.

To feel completely assured and avoid stress when shipping internationally, it’s important to know what items can and cannot be sent. As long as you comply with these restrictions, you won’t need to be afraid that something may go wrong.

Find the shipping company that’s right for you

Choosing the right international shipping company can also relieve stress. If you leave your package to a trustworthy carrier, then, there’s nothing to worry about, right?

Finding the shipping company that’s best for you requires some effort. But you’ll be fine as long as you avoid scammers and unprofessional service providers. Since there are quite a few carriers that offer services for international shipping, don’t hesitate to compare the prices and benefits they give.

Keep in mind that low shipping rates shouldn’t be your only priority. Pick a carrier that gladly consults clients during the shipping process. You’ll feel less anxious if you have somewhere to turn to for a piece of advice.

Estimate the shipping cost

Sometimes international package shipping can be stressful because of the price. Sending goods to faraway regions is pretty expensive and it’s not always easy to anticipate the amount of money you’ll need. To avoid the stress of not knowing how much you’ll be charged, calculate the shipping cost in advance.

The simplest way to do it is to rely on a shipping rates calculator. All you have to do is to measure your parcel and type in the numbers. It’s a very convenient tool as it not only shows you the shipping cost but may also help you to make modifications.

If you see that the shipping price is a little too high for you, you can try to reduce your package weight or dimensions and check the cost again. Often it may be enough to put your items into a smaller box to pay less for sending them overseas.

Use proper packaging

It’s natural to worry whether your goods will arrive at their destination point unscathed. And safe package delivery greatly depends on proper packaging. Put enough effort into packing your items for international shipping to feel reassured.

There’s a great variety of packing materials you can use – from mailers to packaging boxes. So try to pick the one that best fits your items. Don’t put your goods into a box that’s too large for them and don’t cramp them into a mailer if there’s not enough space.

Remember to always use enough padding materials to safeguard your goods. Cover them in bubble wrap or something as simple as newspapers. To feel completely confident that your items will stay in place when shipped internationally, do a shake test. If nothing’s moving inside, you’ve done a great job at securing them.

Take advantage of package tracking

The process for international package shipping is not always as fast as we’d like it to be. So it can be scary to send a parcel on a long journey. After all, we don’t know what may happen and whether our items won’t get lost.

To fight off these fears, be sure to benefit from package tracking. It allows you to observe the whereabouts of your parcel and enables you to take action. For instance, if you see that your package hasn’t moved from a transit point for a long time, you can send an inquiry to the carrier to find out the situation.

Insure your parcel

Despite all the precautions we may take when sending a parcel overseas, there are things beyond our control. And we may still feel stress while waiting for our goods to be delivered. To get that extra peace of mind, insure your package.

International package insurance is like a plan B. It can’t guarantee that everything will go super smoothly during parcel delivery. But it will ensure that you are not left without anything in case of an accident.

International shipping can be distressing. But all you need is to follow the tips described above and you’ll feel no stress when sending your parcel on an international journey.

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