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Top Traits That Recruiters Look For In A Candidate’s Resume

Crafting an attention-grabbing resume is complex! We do realize the struggle and effort that goes into writing a piece of winning resume. Undeniably, till date, there’s no one size fits all solution concerning resume writing. What might lure some may deter others. Simply put, this painstaking chore needs to be mastered in order to come up with an enticing executive summary that lures staffing managers at first glance.

Though there’s no proven recipe for success when it comes to tempting recruiters through resume writing, however, a few tips and tricks when mastered results in an immediate impact on the onlooker.

So here’s how a resume should converse the career biography of a candidate in the most concise yet readable manner, which demonstrates the recruiter how an applicant can serve as a valuable addition to a company while making an impact in a particular role for which he has applied for.


But before we offer a thorough insight at what employing forces look for when searching for a desirable fit, here are some key takeaways that most job-seekers oversee, which costs them their career growth in most cases.

A well-versed recruiter is capable of sensing and vetting a diamond in the rough, which makes him expediently dig out pertinent resources while reviewing resumes.

And if you’re a recruiter by hand, you must be nodding your head harmonizing my thoughts on the conventional recruiting practices.

While curating the recruitment facts and approaches, we have brought something for the employing managers too.

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Besides, these are a few life class hacks that help a job-seeker stand out amongst the masses.


Resumes Are Never Read In Their Entirety

A kinky fact about resume evaluating recruiters is that they never vet through the resume completely. Employing managers always look for aspects that kick a candidate out of the nominee circle.

Irony! But that’s what happens in the recruitment world. Someone rightly stated that recruiters hunt for minute pain points to knock a candidate out instead of pressing him in.

Well, that’s how the onboarding mechanism operates. Additionally, the employers at the receiving end never dedicate time to gauge a resume entirely. They receive tons of them for a single position so all they attract is the sage assembling of endeavors and competencies.


Luck Is Not The Be All And End All In Getting Shortlisted

Potential employees, aka candidates, must know that success has got very little to do with luck and more to do with skills complying with the job’s requirement.

It is seen that minutes after a job is posted, resumes start pouring in. All of those inundating resumes include more than 50% candidate resumes that are forwarded, relying on either plain luck or ‘the maybe factor.’

Thus, reading the demand criteria of a particular job before applying is a must to do practice, every candidate must swear by.


It’s Just A Matter Of Expertise

More than half of the recruiters aspire for a seamless fit that too, as soon as practicable. And from a plethora of resumes continuously dropping in their email list, they put their finger only on the criteria meeting ones.

Here’s a mini overview of how!

Via leveraging an applicant tracking system that responds to keywords recruiters garner and gauge the applications.

To add further to the spice, in case a resume doesn’t match with the prevailing keywords, the application suffers an eclipse as no mortal eye reaches it ever.


Relevant Work History Leaves A Lasting Charm On The Employer

Relevancy is chiefly prioritized in the corporate arena as it has this weird and wonderful power of captivating the employer as soon as it meets the eye of the onlooker.

There are a plethora of resumes that recruiters receive day-in and day-out; however, what marks a lasting impact on the employer is relevancy and a connection between the background and experience that the candidate holds.

Wondering what compels the employers to make a quick-scan through the resume?

It’s Right off the bat, getting on the work history and experience to gauge the expertise of the applicant.

In case that doesn’t align with the employer’s interest, the resume is discarded right away.


Job-hunters Must Opt For Terminologies Aligning With The Employer’s Interest

One more thing that is often left unobserved is the use of keywords and terminologies that the applying candidates may use. Not to mention, this factor chiefly defines the success of the following recruitment steps.

As mentioned earlier, if a candidate doesn’t abide by the relevancy factors, the likelihood of him being knocked out increases.

Therefore, safe playing is a nice choice to make while applying for a dream job or even for a general job that earns you a plain living.


Succinctness Is Key

Articulating prior achievements and work history succinctly is key to winning a job.

Candidates demonstrating prior endeavors using too much niche-specific jargon or complex terms are most likely to be rejected at the end. Ideally, one can jot his career history on his resume and ensure it is readable, clear, articulable, and concise.

Many forget that concise briefing regarding overall career progression not only saves the time of the one on the receiving end but also maximize the employment chances of a candidate possessing the expertise to converse his accomplishments concisely.


Spelling Errors And Grammar Inadequacies Reflect A Poor Mindset

Although linguistics is imperative, candidates must take the time to ensure they are spelling the terms and names of massive industry-related stuff correctly.

What’s even more crucial is to make sure they are utilizing consistent verb tenses and have invested time in the proofing of spelling and structural errors.

To conclude this piece of advice, I would say that your resume is your career brochure, so invest efforts in shaping it in a magnitude force that lures hiring managers.

Plus, your resume volume is also a determining factor, so make sure you devote enough attention to that area too.

And that’s it. The rest is sorted!

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