Here Are The Top Types Of Shoulder And Cross-body Bags To Look Out For Women

Crossbody bags are probably one of the most elegant and classic bags we can get our hands on in today’s time. In some way, they are also a sport of a necessity. With our phones in hand, always busy online, browsing through social media and websites, none of our hands are free to hold a bag. So, we need an excellent cross or shoulder band that does the job for us. 

There are many aspects to consider when shopping for a crossbody bag, some demand space while others require uniqueness in the styling of their bags and less space. Whatever you need might be, the options present in a cross body and shoulder bags are ample. If you are looking for a brand new bag or already own one but don’t know what kind they are, here is a list of the best crossbody and shoulder bags. 

  • Satchel

Satchel is a compact bag, shaped in the form of a rectangle with ample compartments for all your stuff. They have been in the arena for quite some time now as a luxury bag. They lack in space which restricts you from carrying loads of things and only the essentials. They have got a short strap and a long cross strap that you can use to carry them around your shoulder. They are best suited for events like weddings and parties and less at colleges or any professional environment. 

  • Tote Bags

One solution to all your space problems, tote bags have a hearty interior with a lot of room for your essentials on the go and more. They come in varied designs and are extremely durable. They have long shoulder straps that you can use to carry around. From laptops to make up and more, all that you want goes perfect in a tote bag. 

  • Quilted sling

As the name suggests, the quilted sling bags are curated from the quilted fabric. They are not simply a bag but a statement. These crossbody bags have long chains as cross straps and are shaped like a small box-like. They are best-seen rock at a party. Quilted slings are also one of the most soldier bags among all and many brands top the charts each year with a new trendy style in these categories. 

  • Laptop bags

There is no denying that laptop bags are the essence of a professional environment. Hipper laptop bags are being into the market as the demand for them grows higher among professional or college going women around the globe. Although most women prefer to go over laptop bags and choose tote or bucket bags still, they are not enough as a bag fit to carry large and sometimes heavy laptops. In other words, laptop bags are one of the must-have body bags for professional women. 

  • Accordion Handbag

Similar to a small suitcase, accordion handbags are minimalist in shape and size with a ton of compartments. They generally have a lock system rather than zip and upon opening the lock the many compartments sort of gradually open just like cards. Their small space allows you to only carry your essentials including papers, money, your phone, and a couple of other items but nothing extraordinary. 

  • Shopper bag

Similar to that of tote bags, shopper bags can be classified as one used for shopping. They are shoulder bags with a ginormous amount of space in the interior. They are generally very durable and have no compartments whatsoever. In a way, they are meant for your shopping extravaganzas. But a lot of women also use it as their daily driver simply because of space. 

  • Sling bag

Another one of those crossbody bags, sling bags has pretty much remained the same throughout time and tide. They provide enough space for all your stuff especially if you feel like embarking on an adventure, sling bags can be the best. However, many have left the conventional sling bag and moved to the more trendy backpacks or haversacks. Still, if you are in the mood to sling, sling bags can be the way to go. The durable nature of these bags also makes them last longer than any other kind of bag. They are best used for adventures, sports, or any other outdoor events.

So, these were a couple of most known examples of crossbody and shoulder bags that you can buy. Which is your favorite one among all? Do you own any one of the above? Let us know in the comments below.

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