The Tower of London: A Must Visit Attraction

Are you planning a trip to London, England? If so, you will find no shortage of activities and attractions. In fact, there is so much for you to do and see that you may be unsure where to go. One of the many stops you will want to make is the historical landmark known as the Tower of London.

The Tower of London is located on Tower Hill. Not to be confused due to their similar names, this is not the London Tower Bridge, but a completely separate landmark well worth the visit. The Tower of London is also known as just the Tower and Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress.

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The various names of the London Tower will bring you to its doorsteps. After all, who doesn’t want to visit a landmark that is known as a palace and a fortress? Not only that but if you want to know more about the history of London and the impact it had on today’s society, a visit to this landmark is a must.

Once you step inside the Tower of London, you will be amazed at what you see. Yeoman Warder Tours come highly rated and recommended. The Tower is also home to a medieval palace, a fortress, the crown jewels, the prisoner’s exhibition, and much more. A visit to this landmark is ideal for individuals of all ages.

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As previously stated, you will be able to view the crown jewels while on a visit to The Tower. These jewels are a symbol of the monarchy in Britain. They are located in the Jewel House. You will see their historical importance and value when you examine them under armed guard.

An important part of the Tower of London’s history is that of the housing of prisoners. Traitors, which included those of royalty, were housed here against their will. You can learn about their real-life experiences through interactive displays. A visit to the prisoner’s exhibition is included in the cost of your admission.

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The Tower of London is owned by The Queen but managed by the Historic Royal Palaces. This is an independent, non-profit organization. They are not only in charge of looking after the Tower of London, but also the Banqueting House, Hampton Court Palace, and the Kew Palace. On their official website, they state their goal is to educate visitors on the monarchs of England and their pact on today’s society.

Another one of the many reasons why a visit to the Tower of London is recommended is because it is perfect for individuals of all ages. If a parent were traveling with children, you would find a wide range of activities available to them. These activities include participating in interactive displays at the above-mentioned prisoner’s exhibition, playing Spot the Raven, and so much more. In fact, family trail tour brochures are available free of charge.

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Hours of operation and admission prices for the Tower of London are subject to vary. For that reason, verify this information ahead of time. You do, however, have the option of purchasing tickets online.

As a recap, the Tower of London is an attraction perfect for individuals of all ages. It is here that you familiarize yourself with the British monarchy, as well as see the impact it had on the past and present times.

The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. Wikipedia

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