Traditional E-liquid Flavors or Quirky Ones: A Comparison

Vaping has been quite a popular alternative to smoking ever since its invention. The main attraction to vape can be considered as the various flavors other than nicotine or tobacco, one can enjoy while vaping. The evolution of vaping equipment since its invention in 2003 proves its popularity.

As of now, four major types of vaping equipment are widely recognized:

  • First Generation or Cig-a-likes
  • Second Generation or Vape Pens
  • Third Generation or Mods
  • Pod Mods

All of these vaping devices differ from one another in terms of technicalities of the various parts.


Flavor: The heart of vaping

It is common knowledge that vaping is done by heating the vape juice or e-liquid electronically using an atomizer, which releases vapor or aerosol that is then inhaled by the vaping individual. During the initial days of vaping, mostly nicotine was considered as the only flavor. However, with the advancement in vaping different flavors got introduced. To browse different flavors, use indejuice.

The primary constituent of any e-liquid is either PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin). PG is a petroleum byproduct and VG is made from vegetable oils. PG vapes are usually preferred by the previous smokers as it gives the feeling of ‘throat-hit’, similar to the experience of smoking tobacco. VG is a more subtle liquid, more suitable for quirky flavors rather than the traditional ones.


Steeping E-juices

E-liquids just like wine change their characteristics with age. It is primarily because oxygen molecules from the air mix with liquid contents and bring on a change at the molecular level thereby bringing out the difference in the flavor altogether. This process is known by the name of steeping.

Steeping is such an important part that many vapers prefer to do the steeping by them to bring out the exact flavor of the vape juice. So in the market, vape juices are found in two categories:

  • Pre-steeped e-liquids: The steeping process is done by the manufacturer.
  • Post-steeped e-liquids: The steeping process is done by the consumer


Conventional or Unconventional: Which flavor wins hearts

Figuring out whether the traditional flavors are better than the newer quirky ones is a lost cause, because of the fact the choice is based on an individual’s taste and there is no proper rulebook to define the best flavor as such. However, the new flavors have taken the market by storm, that even previous smokers are using them.

Another factor, that the sweeter flavors are becoming more important because of their longevity. Sweeter flavors last longer than their non-sweet counterparts do because the presence of more sugar makes the concoction of e-liquid of a thicker consistency, thereby making the e-liquid last longer.

The most important aspect while considering-liquids is their composition. The composition of the vape juice does not make or break the flavor but also determines the health factor. If there are some harmful chemicals present then that might be detrimental to the health of the vaping individual.

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