Top 7 Travel Destinations for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, you’ve got the freedom to work from wherever you want. You’re not tied by an office nor do you have any massive equipment you need to perform at your highest.

All you need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, and you’re good to go. This is one of the most amazing advantages of being a freelance writer. You can travel and explore so many places while working your job.

So, if you’re thinking about becoming more mobile as a freelance writer, and changing your destinations more often, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a list of the 7 best travel destinations for freelance writers.

Let’s break it down together.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’re looking for a reason to travel to Thailand, Chiang Mai is all the reason that you need it. Known as one of the favorite spots of digital nomads from all over the world, this city has what you’re looking for.

As a freelance writer in Chiang Mai, you’ll be able to work remotely and experience the city. You’ll be happy to learn about:

  • the low cost of living
  • welcoming atmosphere
  • a large number of other entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • co-working spaces

Apart from working, you’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to experience the spirit of Thailand and learn about its culture and history.

2. Madrid, Spain

Spain is a welcoming country with open-hearted people and a rich history. It’s a beautiful country, specifically for its food, music, and passionate people.

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is the center of art, culture, history, and nightlife in Spain. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t include it in your tourist destination as a freelance writer.

In Madrid you’ll find:

  • beautiful parks to spend time writing in
  • remote coffee shops are ideal for writing your next piece of content
  • affordable accommodation in less popular areas of the city
  • an endless source of inspiration
  • numerous activities to fill out your free time

Madrid is ideal for experiencing something new, meeting all kinds of people, and enjoying your time while working.

3. Berlin, Germany

If you’re wondering why is Berlin always on top of the list of cities that are great for freelancers, we’ll make it clear.

Berlin is a city full of business opportunities that nurture that freelance culture. It can easily turn from a tourist destination to a permanent residence since you never know what might happen during your visit.

As a bonus, the city’s history is rich and worth learning about. The nightlife won’t disappoint you either.

4. Belgrade, Serbia

If you’ve never been to Serbia, now is the time to do it. This small country in the Balkans is every freelancer’s dream, and here’s why.

  • Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, but, compared to other capitals, it’s crazy cheap.
  • The food, drinks, accommodation, and transportation are affordable and won’t be a problem for you.
  • Every coffee shop has free Wi-Fi that you can use to work as much as you want.

If you plan on staying longer, you can also join one of the co-working spaces and offices, and get connected with other freelancers.

Plus, once your work is finished, you can head out to mingle with the locals who are extremely welcoming and try out some of their famous local meals.

The nightlife will leave you amazed and you’ll love every second of your trip to Belgrade.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Another fantastic destination for you to visit as a freelance writer is Lisbon. The beautiful city of Portugal has to offer more than colorful streets and long beaches.

Lisbon is great for a freelancer to stop by and enjoy their time for numerous reasons:

  • reasonable accommodation prices
  • free Wi-Fi in most coffee shops
  • beautiful weather
  • inspirational architecture
  • reasonable prices of food and drinks

“As a young freelancer, I used to travel a lot. Lisbon is still one of the favorite destinations I’ve visited so far, thanks to its urban spirit, affordable prices, and refreshing atmosphere” says Angela Baker, a freelance writer at Studyker and WriteScout.

6. Prague, Check Republic

Prague deserves a place on our list since it’s suitable for freelancer writers of any age and scope of interests.

Prague is known for its quality beer and superb historic background. In the city, you’ll be able to find and explore:

  • museums
  • art galleries
  • old squares
  • breweries
  • cinemas
  • clubs
  • workspaces

After spending just a couple of days in Prague, you’ll already have your favorite spots. It’s perfect for settling down for a while and spending time like a true local.

7. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a fantastic tourist destination but is also a favorite among freelancers looking for a change of location.

Among freelancers, Cape Town is known for the numerous co-working spaces and a pleasant freelance environment that you can easily find. Even if you’re currently not working on anything, you’ll quickly find work in Cape Town.

Apart from that, the city offers:

  • Ocean coastline
  • stunning natural scenery
  • outdoor adventure opportunities
  • rich art and culture scene

If you like what you’re hearing, head out to Cape Town for your next tourist destination and see for yourself.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the world is an open book. As a freelance writer, you get to write it the way you want to. All you have to do is set off and let your instincts guide you.

I hope the list above gave you the inspiration and motivation you need to get moving and start your travel adventure. You can’t go wrong with any of the cities from our list so just go for it. Good luck!

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