A Travel Guide Through Australia for Foodies

Every single globetrotter’s bucket list has at least one majestic Australian destination noted. Be it the stunning national parks, a trip to the Blue Mountains, a close encounter with a kangaroo or a koala, or a selfie by the Sydney Opera House, this truly astounding continent is indeed every traveler’s dream come true. However, foodies have also realized the endless abundance and culinary creativity of this land, so they’ve started flocking in greater numbers over the past several years.

In case you’d like to mix and match your travel experiences so as to include more gastronomic experiences, Australia is a perfect pick. Here are a few must-see restaurants and districts that hide the most delicious cuisine on the continent, so that you can start your journey in style and make some palatable memories!

Margaret River for wine connoisseurs

The region responsible for 20% of the entire country’s wine production cannot go wrong when it comes to bringing certain aromas to life, and that includes food. Wine tours are so much more than that. They are an opportunity for you to expand your palate and get to know yet another genuine Australian foodie escapade with their use of indigenous ingredients, a wide range of cheeses, and let’s not forget Margaret River’s Chocolate Factory. Satiate your sweet tooth with some hand-made truffles and move on to the main course of the trip.

delicious Chocolate

Perhaps the best way to introduce yourself to Margaret River’s tasty wealth is to book a wine tour, a farm stay, or attend the region’s famous Gourmet Escape that will combine the finest wineries and their samples paired with barbecues on the beach, and delicious feasts in the great outdoors.

Sydney’s foodie hub in Chippendale

Aside from the iconic architectural wonders in the form of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge to name a couple, Sydney boasts a globally acclaimed culinary scene reflected in every single eatery in town. From the little street corner food hubs to major restaurants, Sydney hides some of the most memorable foodie adventures.

Among many notable places, stylish Chippendale restaurants such as Barzaari deserve a special mention for their ingenious take on Middle Eastern cuisine paired with modern Aussie tastes. It’s authentic, bold, and it always hits the target in terms of blending different flavors. That’s how octopus paired with musabahha came to be, and roasted chicken with mograbieh, the Lebanese take on couscous. It’s an entirely new microcosm of flavors that cannot succumb to words.

Sydney foodie

Tasmania’s unexpected versatility

Before we venture off the shores of this magnificent country, let’s take a look at one of the finest foodie experiences Tasmania has to offer and rest assured, there are plenty. To enjoy the intact wilderness and the raw beauty of Tasmania combined with its impeccable fresh produce and variety of foods available, you can stay at the Saffire Freycinet to try the spotless menu at the Palate, open only to the guests of the lodge.

Their offer includes all things local and seasonal, so you’ll get a chance to try their local wine, considered one of the finest by many, and the dishes served reflect modern Australian cuisine with the personal touch of the chef. They also take orders, which is especially handy if you’re traveling with picky eaters (aka kids), and even the simplest of meals taste like heaven. How about a slice of free-range Berkshire pork loin paired with poached prunes? Or an authentic take on Tasmanian trout with walnuts, herbs, and tahini yogurt? Yes, it’s that imaginative.

Tasmania’s unexpected versatility

The hidden gem called Bruny Island

Ever heard of Bruny Island at all? Probably not, and there’s no reason to feel ashamed for it, although it is a darn shame that more people haven’t heard about the exquisite palate-teasing experiences available in this humble, but food-wealthy place. Nestled by the east coast of Tasmania, this little nook is perhaps the crown jewel of the entire region’s refined love for all things edible.

While you’re watching for whales, dolphins, and other marine creatures, enjoy Get Shucked’s unique take on the freshest possible oysters your taste buds have ever had the pleasure of sampling. They say it best: they’re so fresh it’s as if you’re being kissed by the ocean. And who wouldn’t want that kind of love in their life?

So there you have it, a quick, but thorough glance at some of Australia’s most delightful experiences for your inner foodie to add to the bucket list. The country is brimming with opportunities, from craft breweries to artisan eateries, you can make your way through Australia one unforgettable bite at a time.

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