Travel Hacks: Things You Should Know For Your Next Trip

Traveling unknown parts and exploring new places, whether domestically or internationally is a pastime that hundreds of thousands of individuals embark on each year. While for families, it is important as it allows parents to expose their children to do something that could be out of their norm.

Despite all the benefits of travel comes with some sort of stress that can hinder your travel experience for just about anyone but you don’t have to let those ruin your vacation.

However, if you are planning your next trip and have booked a limo from Empire Limousine, which is a limo service provider in NJ, then here are some smart travel hacks that can turn your vacation more fun and productive.

Don’t Pay for Water at Airports

Airports are being strict with bottles of liquid recently. So, it doesn’t matter whether the seal is tempered or not, a bottle with a liquid is a strict no-no. Instead, you can bring an empty bottle with you and fill it in at the airport after passing through the security check.

Turn on the Incognito Mode for Cheaper Flight Tickets

If you are searching for cheap flight tickets then you should turn on your privacy mode on your laptop or PC. This is because airlines and travel sites can record your visits by installing cookies on your browser which can cause the prices to rise as you have searched for those flights before. Airlines and travel sites trick you into buying your flights sooner and encourage impulse buying.

Roll Your Clothes

Another great travel hack to save space in your luggage is by rolling your clothes rather than folding them. This is one of the simple yet effective travel accessories which will save tons of space in your luggage. Moreover, packing your clothes this way will also prevent them from creasing and will stay wrinkle-free.

Charge your Gadgets through TV

If you have lost your wall plug adapter at home then no need to worry, you can still charge your gadgets by using a USB connector on the back or side of the TV. Just plug in your device and the TV will work as a wall plug for all your devices.

Use Binder Clips to Protect Razor Blades

If you are traveling with razors in your bag and don’t have anything to cover it then you can cover blades using binder clips. This way, you won’t hurt your fingers while searching for something in your bag.

Email your Copy of Passport

This hack is especially useful when you become a victim of theft or loss. While not just your passport, you should keep a copy of your all-important documents while on the go. You can also take a screenshot of the journey confirmation.

If you have booked flights, limo to EWR, bus, or trains, whether you are on your phone, laptop, or tablet, don’t forget to take screenshots while you have access to the internet or Wi-Fi so you can access them when you are no longer connected.

Use ATMs or Cash Machines to Get Local Cash

In this day and age, it is best to use these automated machines available rather than going to a local currency exchange. That is because money converters usually have their own fees and rip-off exchange rates that are very likely to be far worse than your bank.

Put your Rechargeable Batteries in the Refrigerator

In order to keep your batteries fresher and full of juice for longer then keep them in the refrigerator with the food items. You might think it is weird but most rechargeable batteries retain 90% of their full charge when kept in cold temperatures, meaning you don’t need to charge them as often.

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