Travel Shopping Spree: Add These Clothing Items to Your List

After you decide on a destination for your vacation, the next step is to pack. You may have to shop for your trip for certain items that you can’t leave without! This depends on the climate of the place you plan to visit. Shopping is always a fun activity especially when it’s for a certain event!

The best way to have a stress-free vacation is to decide your outfits for each day. You can focus on other important things — like having fun. However, always remember that the fewer options there are, the quicker you make a decision. Packing your whole wardrobe is a big NO since it makes it difficult to handle and move around with heavy luggage.

Always travel light because it makes your life easy, but there are certain items that you should keep with you in case you might need them.

Here is how to shop for the clothing items that you must pack for your trip:

Exercise Gear

One amazing rule of transit fashion is that you can travel in your workout gear. Many people wear these on long flights to stay comfortable throughout their journey. These are considered fashionable which makes people look stylish and in a proper getup during traveling.

Clothing items considered as exercise gear are yoga pants, track pants, sweat pants, hoodies, etc. This is known as the athleisure — clothing trend used for exercising but is worn as normal dressing these days. Some people wear these daily which you can wear after your vacation or even during that time!

The Right Accessories

A few key travel accessories can make or break your entire outfit. You need cocktail jewelry, oversized earrings, and a cocktail ring to complete the look.

Other categories come under accessories such as hats, watches, sunglasses, etc. These add style to your look and make you stand out. Plan your accessories according to your outfits and take several pictures to post on your social media accounts!


If you don’t like to wear jewelry or avoid the hassle of traveling with too many small items, an excellent alternative that will serve the same purpose to some extent is getting different patterned socks. They are easy to coordinate with your outfits and add a personality to your overall wardrobe. Plus they are a good option if you want to keep your travel shopping spree within a budget.

A Dress

You might end up spending an evening at a fancy restaurant or get invited to a formal party — this is where a fancy dress comes in handy. Always keep at least 1 or 2 fancy dresses with you as you never know where you might end up!

This can be tricky since you do want to travel light and you cannot be expected to lug around one special dress in its custom bag. The best way around it is to shop for a slip dress. You can pair these with high heels and bold earrings.

The best option for men is a multipurpose blazer, a white shirt, and loafers. The reason these outfit pieces work is that they can be used for other purposes — the need for them may arise during your vacation. So it’s best to shop for a good one to make a part of your wardrobe. Slip dresses are very easy to pack in your carry-on and don’t add bulk to the rest of your packing.

Tank Tops or Long Sleeves

This one entirely depends on where you plan to travel. While shopping you want to look for synthetic fabrics, solid colors, bright prints, and material that dries easily and quickly.

Tank tops are essential for a summer getaway while full sleeves are a must for cooler climates and can be paired with different items of clothing. You can also experiment with another option: Tunics are wonderfully versatile and can be styled in more ways than a tank top or a full-sleeved top can. The longer the length of your top the more it flatters the leggings you wear underneath.

Ideally, every top should complement the bottom that you plan to wear. When it comes to the materials, choose fabrics that dry quickly and ones that can be layered with other tops in case the weather changes during nighttime. A great option for layering during the night and beating the heat during the day is to opt for crop tops.

Just as you would shop for matching bottoms, you might want a jacket that goes well with your top. When in doubt, just go for button-up tops which are extremely versatile and help you pull off any look. When buying the top layer get something in cashmere or merino wool.

Three Sets of Bottoms

You are going to need three sets of bottoms — the material you choose depends on the weather. On top of that, you have to take into account the activities you have planned for your vacation. You need to buy the bottoms after you have chosen and shopped for all the tops. You can mix and match the colors of your top with your pants. This way you create an outfit of your own choice which you would pull off.

Another excellent idea is a nice pair of denim. If you have to travel through metropolitan trains or walk through urban areas, this may just be your go-to option. Also, they don’t need to be washed as often as other materials, and denim comes in a variety of styles that you can use to complement your overall outfit.

Shopping is always fun and exciting, but it’s even better if it’s for a trip. You want to make sure everything is perfect and goes according to your plan. Always make a list before you head out and ensure that you have all the items crossed off.  Always remember that comfort is the best choice no matter what clothing item you choose!

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