Travel SIM Cards: Are They Worth It?

Europe has a vast list of historical, cultural, and, natural beauty. With countries so close to each other, a tourist may need a lot of time to visit them all. Especially in summer, cities such as Lisbon and Budapest are the places to go to, where you’ll find warm smiles and good food while visiting many scenic spots.

Regardless if it is for professional or personal reasons, having your mobile phone with you is essential, as this will be your primary mode of communication while you are overseas. The roaming rates are expensive if you use your phone while you are out of the country, and this is where a travel Europe sim can come in handy.

Know what you need

Most people would have an account with a provider, and they may be able to give you a package that you can use while you are out of the country. The problem with using a package is that you might need something extra when it runs out unexpectedly. With a travel sim card, you would not need to worry as you can load it up anywhere.

Why buy one?

Using a travel sim while you are out of the country is better than using your phone, as you can control how much you will be using while traveling. If you think about it, there are different roaming rates if you use your phone for calls, text, and even data.

Even if most people might not think of using their phones to call out or to send a message, data will be the number one priority because it can give you access to your work, social media, or chat apps.

As for the costs, most providers might give you an affordable option for travel sims, but they may have additional fees that might be added to your bill. A Travel Europe sim can lessen the cost, and you can monitor the amount you are spending.

To keep things simple, ask your friends and family to install the chat apps that you also use, so even if you cannot use your phone to call or even text, your family can still call you on the chat app free of charge!

Check your phones first!

Once you have decided on what sim you will be using abroad, you have to check your phone to see if you can bring it out of the country.

Some countries work on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology, while others may use different ones. Avoid any hassles by doing your research before you travel.

If your phone is locked, do not worry. Especially if you will be out of the country for an extended period, you can get a dual sim phone so that you can use the travel sim card and your sim at the same time.

You will not need to worry about missing any important messages or calls, but make sure you are doubly careful when using your sim.


Service providers can work with you when you have to travel abroad, but it will be an additional worry that you should not be thinking about, as you might have other things that you need to remember. Getting a travel sim will be the best thing that you can do because you can use it anywhere you go.

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