Travel Tips to Pakistan and Must Visit Places

Pakistan is the cat’s whiskers for the ones who love to see marvels of Mother Nature and for metrosexuals too. From the yummiest food to traditional dresses, Pakistan is one of a kind. Let me breathe.

Pakistani people have placed high on the list of happiest nations in the world which is why they are super hospitable and cool. We’ve got your work cut out for you if Pakistan is the next place on your bucket list and you aren’t sure what to expect. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Food and water

Well, to be brutally honest, you can make the argument that Pakistani cuisine is one of the most finger-licking foods in the world. From spice-packed Korma to yummiest milk desserts, you can find everything by your taste and capriciousness- no ifs, and, or buts about it.

Food and water in Pakista

Stay away from unhygienic food (street food that’s open to flies and dust). Almost all the cities are fighting the problem of clean drinking water, so you are advised to not even go near tap water. Always, always keep bottled water on you. Other than unhygienic food, don’t forget to try out street food from different cities in Pakistan. You would do it with your eyes shut once you’ve got your hands on it, No kidding.

What to Pack?

As said earlier, climate remains divergent in Pakistan because of its diverse geographical and climatic features. So, you must pack keeping in view the places you want to pay a call to and the time of the year you are backpacking Pakistan. Remember, don’t overpack. Just try to keep super necessary stuff on you and keep things as simple as possible. Everything is available in Pakistan easily so why fill your rucksack with unnecessary stuff? Just take note of what is most important and single out the things one by one.

Bag Packing to travel to Pakistan

It will take some doing but you’ll end up packing adequately so there’s no point having trouble with access luggage. On the off chance the excess baggage is doing your head in, nothing is to worry about. There are a bunch of cargo companies that offer the services of cargo shipping to Pakistan.

Traveling around Pakistan

Well, Pakistan possesses an immense road and railway network so there’s no point having trouble in moving around Pakistan. That said, you’ve got trains, buses, flights for longer journeys and taxis, autos, and bikes for inter-city travel.

Traveling around Pakistan

We sing praises for trains in case of long journeys (just like if you are traveling to Karachi from Lahore or Rawalpindi). This way, you’d end up saving quite a lot of money and enjoy the journey too (though it’ll be slower than buses). Flights and buses are easily accessible too but they are expensive means of traveling in Pakistan. So, choose transportation that better suits your budget.

Prices and Bargaining while shopping around from local markets

Well, well, well. It looks quaint but bargaining is widely practiced in Pakistan in particular when buying from the local shops. Yes, you read it right. You’ll witness people bargaining while shopping around from the local markets. That’s not gross. That’s how the thing works in Pakistan.

Bargaining while shopping in Pakistan

So, do bargain while buying from the local shops if you want to save yourself from paying three times the actual cost (and it’s fun too, I kid you not).

Skardu- incredible presentation of Nature

Skardu, the capital of Baltistan is located at the exposure of 7500 feet above sea level behind the lofty peaks of Karakorum. It is in the center of risky frontier land, the center of trade, and transportation, and the gateway to one of the planet’s most delightful landscapes. Skardu is located at a distance of 241 km from Gilgit and 783 km from Islamabad. The drive to Skardu along the narrow gorge of the Indus River is simply unforgettable and adventurous.

Skardu, Pakistan, incredible presentation of Nature in Pakistan

Skardu becomes an impressive landscape due to the juxtaposition of dunes and snow-capped mountains. How striking it is! Skardu has a historic Fort at the top of the ridge known as the Castle of Mindoq. Two lakes add more beauty to Skardu: Kachura Lake and Sadpara Lake. Skardu is the getaway to the chief mountains and the region is recognized as a bouldering and trekker’s utopia. Skardu is a place that must be on your bucket list if you are visiting Pakistan and that’s that.

Khamush Waterfall- fascinating you with its grandeur

Keen-sighting a waterfall up can be one of life’s most incredible practices. Even no two waterfalls are unerringly alike – they can be shrill or gigantic, or Pacific. If you’ve seen one, you might want to see all the others and that’s for sure.

Khamush Waterfall Pakistan

Fortuitously, Pakistan is blessed with some of the most marvelous waterfalls on Earth. These are such sights you need to feast your eyes on them. The striking and breathtaking Khamush Waterfall, Skardu Baltistan is located 120km away from Skardu City, in the center of Baghicha Valley District Charming. It’s among the highest waterfalls in the whole of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

The Awe-inspiring Natural Beauty of Pakistan- Azad Kashmir

If you want to see the blessing of nature in Pakistan, instantly plan your trip to the northern areas. The first place you should visit is Azad Kashmir which is also known as Heaven on Earth.

On the map, Azad Kashmir looks like a small belt of land, be that as it may, traveling from one place to another can be highly time-consuming due to mountainous terrain and unpaved roads. As you go deeper into Azad Kashmir, three things are there which strike your mind, heart, and eyes: The mind-blowing natural beauty; the simplicity and loving nature of the inhabitants, and many tourist facilities.

Azad Kashmir Pakistan

The Luxuriant green lands, hilly valleys, alluring rivers, flourishing meadows, and picturesque spots make it one of the most divine regions of Pakistan.

The spellbinding vertical alpine Trango Tower

The Trango Tower is situated in the Baltoro Glacier region, in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory. It is the most remarkable vertical alpine climb in the whole world. It has captivated and enthused alpine climbers around the globe to achieve its nearly impossible climb to the top. In the surroundings of the enormous mountain ranges of the Karakorum, the Trango Tower stands straight with all the persistent pride and enormity of a Greek God.

Trango Tower Pakistan

It is a hypnotic sight and an arduous climb as it is vertical and its sheer glory makes it stand out amidst the complete range of peaks that surround it.

Soon Valley- tranquil natural beauty

Soon Valley is a magnificent piece of serene natural beauty that includes striking lakes, springs, forests, and many archaeological places. If you have only one day from your time plan, do visit in a scheduled way to explore this beautiful and appealing valley. There are many captivating sites for tourists which include Uchali Lake, Khabeki Lake, Kanhatti Garden, and Nursing Pahar.

The highest mountain of the Soon Valley is Mount Sakesar, which is 5,010 feet above sea level. It is the only peak in this part of the Punjab which receives heavy snowfall in winter.

Soon Valley, Pakistan

Lake Uchhali is the most gorgeous saltwater lake, with lifeless water where no aquatic life exists, in the southern Salt Range at the base of Mount Sakaser. Lake Khabikki is one more saltwater lake in Soon Valley. It is one kilometer wide and two kilometers in length. These lakes attract thousands of seasonal birds each year as well as rare white-headed ducks from Central Asia. At that time, these lakes bid more colorful and splendid picturesque views to capture in your camera.

Hunza Valley- the paradise on the planet

The notorious Hunza valley is often referred to as paradise on the planet, wrapped in the grand Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges, this place has been a great tourist desirability for many years.

While leaving Gilgit City an hour’s drive at Karakoram Highway there is a point known as Rakaposhi View Point, a small place where we can gape Rakaposhi. Blue sky and mountains roofed with snow are the first attractions of Hunza Valley.

Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Fatimabad is famous due to the multiplicity of Cultures practiced there and ancient leaders feel proud to rule here. The people of Karimabad always keep smiles on their faces and have a modern lifestyle, live in small colonies, ensure a welcoming gesture, and are extremely friendly. Travelers love the way the people of Karimabad live, which makes it a hot and fascinating place in Pakistan to pay a visit.

Foreign and local tourists relish their time being there, striking to sentry children playing football and gazing at tourists speculating to explore sites. In Hunza Valley, Karimabad is a sweetheart to sight.

All in all, it is only one side of Pakistan, what to say about the historical places and other places to visit like a sea view and Gwadar port? Well, don’t take my word for it and experience the real magic yourself.

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