Traveling During the Pandemic Is Possible!

The quarantine has changed our lives immensely. We cannot meet our friends and relatives whenever we want, work the way we used to, and travel. Some countries are completely closed, while others have lots of restrictions to cross the border.

Even if you want to travel during quarantine inside your country, you have to be careful and follow the rules. We will share some basic travel tips during quarantine that are a must for every adventure-seeker.

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The Best Places to Travel During Quarantine

Considering that social distancing is the most effective way to protect health, the best places to travel during quarantine with your soulmate should be away from overcrowded locations. Try to choose the countries with a low index of COVID-19 sick inhabitants.

Some countries, like Italy and New Zealand, are still totally closed to tourists. Others have rules and newly created laws that change almost every week, and you have to monitor them before embarking on a journey.

Most travel activities increase the risk of catching the virus. You have to be aware of the crowds on public transport and airports, in supermarkets and shops. If you are still missing travel during quarantine, follow the basic rules:
· Always wear a mask in public places
· Stay 6 feet away from other people
· Wash hands or use a liquid sanitizer
· Get tested for coronavirus before and after the trip
· If your test is positive, stay home and do not travel
We all already know these basic restrictions; still, people avoid following the rules in some countries. The government does not control the situation, and these places are not the best choice to travel during the quarantine.

Dating During the Pandemic

If you are in search of your soulmate, some of the best dating sites in 2021 recommend pausing your dating activities until you are sure about the partner. It is not wise to start international dating as well, as travel restrictions may never let you both meet in the near future.

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Types of Traveling

The more people you meet while traveling, the more dangerous the situation is for you and your soulmate. Transportation is the weakest element in the COVID-19 protection plan, as you cannot stay away from the crowds even if you wear a mask. So, what type of traveling to choose? We have compared the safety of the most common ones.

Air Transport

You can travel during quarantine by plane to most of the countries. However, when you are spending time in terminals and security lines waiting for your flight, the risk of catching the virus is increasing. Because of airplanes’ filtration systems, it is much safer to get aboard. If you open the vent overhead, it will make a buffer of the filtered air between you and other passengers.

Trains and Buses

The same applies here: it can be dangerous to wait until departure and arrival with lots of passengers. You cannot stay 6 feet from them most of the time, and the air is not filtered like on the plane trip. So, this type of traveling is not the best for your love journey. Avoid ordinary fabric masks and use certified KN95 or N95 masks for long trips.


This type of getting new emotions is safer. The only problem may be caused by necessary stops for gas, food, and toilets. But if you wear masks and wash your hands, you may deliver travel gifts during quarantine to your relatives without any problems. It is the safest way to move around the country.

Domestic Quarantine Measures

All of us are separated from our families or relatives who live apart. We have to take care of them, and the world now is not a safe place to travel during COVID without quarantine. It is recommended that you get isolated for two weeks before meeting the family.

You cannot visit public places, cafes, and grocery stores. If you travel by car, you can add the route time to your quarantine measurements. It is better to do testing before the trip and two weeks after. Even if you do not have any symptoms, you can still spread the virus, and it is better to check it in advance.

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We all are tired of the pandemic restrictions. We want to travel, get new emotions, and visit relatives or friends. We miss communication, and dream about new destinations and photos on social networks. It is possible to travel during quarantine if we care about safety.

Do you travel these days? Share your experience in the comment section.

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