Traveling along the Mississippi River

The main advantage of traveling by car is absolute freedom during decision-making: you can make a stop, admire the scenery, take a different route, or visit your friends. There are so many opportunities! We will help you plan your trip to the United States so that you have time to see as much as possible and not waste time on trivia.

The Mississippi River has inspired many novelists. This river is one of the great wonders of nature in the United States; therefore, there are excellent places for tourists along with it. Mississippi is the fourth-longest river in the world and it flows close to the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico.

You can see some interesting places along the Mississippi: from nature reserves, and national monuments to magnificent cities. Why not have a journey through the greatest waterway of the United States, where you can stay at some great places along the Mississippi River? Moreover, when using Thrifty New Orleans airport, each road trip becomes simpler and more comfortable.

There is not just a unified highway along the river, but a collection of several roads, which run 2000 miles along with it. The highway passes through 10 states. We will touch upon three of them.

Deep South Fair, Georgia

Although the Mississippi River does not flow through Georgia, in this state the waters of the river reach the shores of the ocean and flow into it. Therefore, this place can be the first on your Mississippi River travel list.

The first annual “Deep South Fair” was held at the Tomas County Tobacco Factory from September 29 to October 4, 1958. After a very successful first-year fair, this place was transferred to the National Guard Armory, and remained there for three years, until the association’s fair bought 25 acres of land on Pavo Road.

Over time, two livestock buildings and four recreation rooms were created here. Since 1962, construction was built to house exhibits of decorative and applied arts. In addition, new construction was built between two livestock buildings, the earthen floors were partially covered with concrete, and one end of the building was closed for storage.

Successful fairs over the years have made it possible to use the net income from fair operations as a contribution to public charities. These annual contributions for several years range from 7-10 thousand dollars.

In subsequent years, net income from the fair was used to expand the arts and crafts building, incorporating new lounges, a fully equipped kitchen, and a club meeting room. In addition, the main entrance and exit paving, a new fence, and other improvements were made.

Corn, baked potato, fried chicken, grilled meat, and iced tea – all this will be waiting for you there. This is not just a fair, this is a well-organized area with its flavor that is worth a visit when traveling along the Mississippi.

Memphis city

Memphis is a city in the southern part of the United States, located on the Mississippi River. It is the largest city in the state of Tennessee. In the eyes of many Americans, Memphis is Elvis Presley and the birthplace of the blues.

Music was and continues to be an important component of the city. In 1973, Memphis was the fourth record center in the world, and the music industry was considered the third employer in the city. Since then, the importance of the music industry in the city’s economy has declined significantly, but the legacy of musical Memphis is still flourishing.

Memphis is a city in the southern part of the United States, located on the Mississippi River. It is the largest city in the state of Tennessee. In the eyes of many Americans, Memphis is Elvis Presley and the birthplace of the blues.

The Graceland estate, where the legend of music, the “King of Rock’n’Roll”, Elvis Presley lived and died, is annually visited by more than 600 thousand visitors. This makes Graceland the main attraction of Memphis and the second most visited house in the United States after the White House in Washington.

Best Restaurants of American and Mexican Cuisine in Memphis: Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar, Gibson’s Donuts, Maciel’s Tortas & Tacos.

Mississippi Riverboat trip, New Orleans

A boat trip on Natchez steamer is one of the most exciting activities in New Orleans. You will feel like a 19th-century traveler, admire the view of New Orleans from the river, and listen to wonderful professional jazz. You can buy tickets right on the pier. There is an additional option – dinner on board the ship.

However, if you want to save money, it is recommended to have dinner before sailing. It is cheaper and allows you to spend time walking around the deck and contemplating the city. The journey itself is pleasant and informative, as the ship uses a steam installation. The passengers can inspect it during the tour.

Although there are many passengers, the ship is large and there is enough space for everyone. You can have a stroll through it and look at different decks. In the cabin, you can listen to live jazz music.

During the trip across the Mississippi River, you will observe beautiful views, including American farms, forests, and cliffs, as well as classic American cities like New Orleans, St. Louis, and Memphis. Fans of music and literature will be happy to visit the birthplace of jazz, blues, and Mark Twain. This road trip will also allow you to see old plantations and have a tasty lunch at the Deep South Fair.

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