Can Traveling Be The Beacon Of Hope We Need In The Time Of Crisis?

Carpe diem is a phrase I have heard since my childhood. It is French to seize the day. Carpe diem tells people to live in the moment and forget the future. I know it sounds appealing, but it is not possible. We cannot just ignore the future.

The future is a compelling thing or more like a concept. The present times are critical too, but not as much as the future. Do you think so also? I have reasons that will make you believe me. Think about the answers to these questions, and you will start valuing the future more.

  • Why does a child go to school and university?
  • Why do you go to work every day, and that too on time?
  • Why do you work out at the gym?
  • Why are innovations being thought of every year?

The answer to all of these is to make the future better and more secure. So, everything that we do today is because we want a better future. The present is nothing but a medium for the future.

Now, what does one do when the present is as bad as it could get? The only answer I can think of is hope for a time when the world will not be as brutal as it is now. That is what we did in times of war, and that is what we need to do now.

The Pandemic

The coronavirus has come to only wreak havoc on the lives of every person on this planet. The pandemic has made our lives a living hell with only a small shrivel of hope that it would pass one day.

  • With almost every nation being infiltrated by it;
  • With a count of almost 2.5 million infected and 170,000 dead, as of 21st April;
  • With no vaccination insight;
  • With a lockdown that could last months on end, the virus is indeed a catastrophe.

What will get us by these brutal times when people are falling at a faster rate than they can be buried? The answer is hope for the future. Thinking of better times to come will uplift your morale like nothing else.

Plan your next tour with your friends and your family, who will survive this pandemic unscathed. Make a plan, because traveling is what people will need after the coronavirus is exorcised.

Benefits Of Traveling

Traveling may seem like a hobby, and it is a little bit of that, but not entirely. To travel means to let yourself free. Free of all present-day life and its complications. Free from the inhibitions that control you in your environment. And free to be a wanderer and a vagabond with no confinements.

Traveling is suitable for your physical and mental health. I could tell you a hundred reasons to travel, and you won’t be able to tell one reason to avoid it. Finances can be a problem, but even if you have the worst credit record, still there are 100% guaranteed loans to help you fund and plan your travel. Trust me, there is a loan like this, and my friend has even taken it.

Let me delve into the advantages of traveling before I get off track again. Here are not one, but five perks that only traveling can shower you with.

1. Teaches Adaptability

When you travel, you move out of your comfort zone. The place you may visit will most likely be new for you. You will have to deal with anything that is thrown at you. You can’t call your parents or your best friend. And this makes you more adaptable and versatile to endure life and the lemons it is going to give you.

2. Advanced Skills

You also get to interact with a bazillion new people and you should because the local people will only be able to give you the real picture of the place you are visiting. As a result, you enhance your social and communication skills. You won’t find any shy, timid, and introverted travelers.

3. Self-realization

Traveling is the only hobby and passion that will genuinely allow you to be yourself. Self-realization is one of the biggest perks of traveling. On your home turf, you are always mindful of people because they know you and their judgment will affect you somehow.

But when you travel to any place, the people there will not know you, and won’t even remember you once you are gone. So, you can be whoever you want to be, jump off a building, kiss a stranger, and have as many tequila shots as you want to, nobody will care.

4. Appreciation Of Life And Its Privileges

Traveling is also beneficial because it allows you to appreciate life more than you do. This is because when we go to places that are less privileged than ours, then we get to know how lucky we indeed are.

Have you ever gone to the Middle East? Women are covered from head to toe. They cannot show even their little fingers in public where there are other men. Consider yourself lucky to be born British.

5. Semblance Of Peace

The lives we live today are more than hectic. We do not get time for ourselves or our families. Traveling can help you achieve that along with giving you a semblance of peace. Going to places like Ireland, Paris, Chile or even Nepal can help you connect with the solace that is unfound in city life. This peace can make you focus more when you get back.

Where Can You Travel To?

The world is filled with places to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole. The pandemic has made us stick to the four walls of our homes, so for one, you can go to places that are totally different than your city or even your country.

Five places that will most definitely appeal to you will be:

  • SOUTH AFRICA; filled with beaches like Boulders Beach and Cape of Good Hope, it also has plenty of national parks to make you in awe of its nature.
  • SRI LANKA; located in the Indian Ocean, boasts a diversity of rainforests and sandy beaches along with beguiling temples that will make you a believer in God.
  • URUGUAY; is a coastal country in South America. Its best part is the Plaza Independencia, around which the entire capital city revolves.
  • CANADA; Niagara Falls is one of a kind, and so is the famous CN Tower, both of which deserve a visit.
  • DUBAI: from the desert safari to The Dubai Mall; this city will give you a shock with its modern architecture and ancient culture and heritage.

So, you have my list of the most travel-worthy destinations. You can choose one of these places or make a different list, but wherever you decide to go, just make sure to do so. If a plan is not accomplished, then what is the purpose of making it? Unfinished proposals are the worst of them all.

Winding Up

I want to end with a refusal. A refusal to believe that my last moments on Earth would be during the Pandemic. A refusal to accept that the Pandemic is how I will remember the world for eternity. And I most definitely refuse to think that my future would not be one hundred percent better than my grim present.

This refusal is going to motivate me to sail through these turbulent times and see the Statue of Liberty and have coffee at Central Perk like all the Friends characters. Maybe I will even be able to meet Gunther.

So, now do you see that the future is indeed so powerful that it can make the devastating present a little more bearable for you?

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