Traveling Off-Grid Is the New Craze

Staying somewhere that’s off-grid has never been so desired in our modern world, as people look to escape the city and find somewhere with more personal space, a closer connection to nature, and somewhere with sustainable buildings and ways of life. So, how is this new craze manifesting?

Off-the-Grid Locations

According to a recent Airbnb survey, traveling is looking to be incredibly popular in 2021. However, city breaks are not likely to be popular – 83% of people wanted to relocate due to remote work and travel around rural areas. Manhattan apartments are out of fashion as people are gravitating more toward yurts, barns, and domes.

The rat race has had very real effects that people just want to escape. Remote areas surrounded by nature were reported as being highly preferred and Airbnb noted that unique, off-grid locations, perhaps with a DIY feel, will be the next big thing. Surveyed adults reported that they want the benefits of using less energy and producing less waste and are more attracted to more traditional ways of living for their travels.

Traveling Risks

The risk inherent in traveling at the current time is also turning people more on to making changes to how they travel. Flights and public transport are being avoided as much as possible, with many choosing instead to drive to their destinations if it is close enough.

Airports are still fairly essential when traveling, however, and they are seeing surging numbers around the holiday period. Orlando Airport, one of the busiest in America, was expecting nearly 1.5 million travelers during the last two weeks of December and the first week of January.

Travelers are feeling comfortable with airline precautions, with some saying that getting to the airport via public transport is riskier than the flying itself. Orlando international airport parking has been a popular choice for travelers who want to use their car and minimize the contact involved in traveling.

Alternative Vacations

Other vacations that allow for total independence are getting popular too – namely RVing off-grid. Families can rent a motorhome and travel across the country, in any season. If you get the right RV, it can come fully equipped with off-grid solutions like enough solar to keep the air con running even in 107 degree heat. With solar panels, traveling around the USA in an RV means you can cook, work on computers, and even connect to a satellite if needed.

That level of electrical self-sufficiency is rare and might only be available with niche rentals or DIY projects, but the possibility should be exciting to anybody wanting to truly travel off-grid. If you leave your phones at home, you will be about as off-grid as you can get.

Those taking an alternative vacation who need to stay in touch (maybe you’re going in different cars) but there’s no signal because you’re in a very rural area, can pair your smartphone with a piece of technology called a goTenna, which uses Bluetooth to allow you to talk to or text anybody who has another goTenna, anywhere on the planet.

With all the modern technology and travel solutions currently available, it has never been a better time to travel off-grid. It looks like this will be a craze that sticks for a while.

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