Trending Hobbies You Can Take Up And Have Fun Doing It

When people say that something is ‘trending’ they are usually talking about a topic that’s being widely discussed online, usually on social media. While most people are used to celebrities and controversies trending, sometimes ordinary things like hobbies trend, though usually only after they have been mentioned by a media personality.

Everybody should have a hobby. Hobbies can be beneficial for our health. This post will tell you about some hobbies that are currently very popular on social media, so you can find one that’s perfect for you.

Growing Cannabis

In many places, it is now legal to grow Cannabis. Gardening has been a popular trend for some time, and growing Cannabis is just an extension of that trend. It is common to find people all over social media posting photographs and videos of plants that they’ve grown.

If you want to start growing Cannabis, then buy autoflowering cannabis seeds that produce bountiful buds, so that you can post photographs of your crops on your social media pages. Make sure that the plant is legalized where you live, and research your area’s growth restrictions. Some states and countries only allow people to grow up to a certain amount. Growing more than this can lead to fines and penalties.


As mentioned in the previous section, gardening is an extremely popular trend. Many people on social media post photos and videos of themselves gardening. This trend became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic when everybody was locked down. People who were fortunate enough to have gardens made the most out of them. For many people, gardening then became a hobby of theirs. Gardening is a great way to get outdoors and can be very beneficial for your mental health.


Kayaking is an outdoor sport that’s very popular on social media at the minute. It’s common to see social media personalities and just ordinary people plastering their pages with photographs and videos of them out on their kayaks. However, while kayaking is indeed a fun sport and a fantastic hobby, it’s something that requires a little more preparation than gardening and growing Cannabis.

Before even considering going out on a kayak, you need to be confident in your swimming abilities. Attempting to use a kayak when you can’t swim can be very dangerous. You also need to buy a kayak that’s durable, high-quality, and that’s easy to transport. Most people use inflatable ones.


Gel balling

Gel balling is trending on nearly all social media platforms at the moment. It is very similar to paintball and airsoft, except the projectiles fired, are small gel capsules. It’s common in some parts of the United States for towns to have gel wars, where rival neighborhoods compete against each other. The police have started cracking down on such disputes because they are often mistaken for gang violence. Despite this, gel balling is still very popular and a lot of fun, as long as it’s done safely.


Airsoft is also trending on social media. However, airsoft is not something that you can do in a town or city. It’s something that should be done in a professional airsoft arena. The reason for this is that the projectiles can be very painful, and airsoft guns look a lot like real ones, which can scare people. Airsoft is a very enjoyable hobby and a great way to burn off some energy. You can join an airsoft club, which will likely give you access to airsoft venues and arenas for a discounted price.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is a hobby that’s trending on social media, too. However, mountain climbing can be very dangerous. It’s not something that you should attempt until you know what you are doing and have some experience in it. To practice, you should attend an indoor climbing venue. Indoor climbing venues are usually very affordable and don’t need to be booked in advance. You can turn up on the day, pay for entry, and start climbing. All indoor venues will have instructors on hand who will guide you and give you climbing advice. The venue will likely supply you with equipment.


Hiking is very fun, and very popular online. It’s an outdoor hobby that can be performed by everybody. No special equipment is needed, either. If you live in the United States, then the only thing that you need to be cautious of is predatory animals. Take bear spray and a whistle along with you, if the area you are going to be hiking in is frequented by either bears or wolves. Make sure that you also follow hiking trails. Veering off of trails can be very dangerous in the American wilderness, which is known for its immense size.


Fishing is also a lot of fun. The only downside to fishing is that you tend to need a lot of equipment if you’re going to take it up. It’s not a hobby that you can just go out and try. You will first need to go to a tackle shop and buy yourself a rod, and reel, as well as an assortment of bait and tackle. That said, however, you can buy tackle second-hand online. So, if you are new to fishing, you may want to consider doing this. Buying tackle second-hand can save you a lot of money.


Finally, a trend that’s very popular on social media at the moment is entrepreneurship. Why don’t you start your own business? If you have a lot of free time on your hands, then starting a business could be a very effective way of occupying it and also making yourself a little extra money.

The good thing about starting a business online is that due to business models like drop shipping, you don’t need a lot of capital to get started. There are also myriad tutorials and instructional videos that you can use to make better judgments and decisions.

Social media is great. One of the reasons that it’s great is that it inspires people to try new things. If you want a new hobby, then why not turn to what’s trending on social media to help you find one? All of the hobbies outlined here are extremely popular on a variety of different platforms at the moment.

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