Trends of Bitcoin in 2021

This year was a crazy tour for everyone involved in the Bitcoin market or even just watching it. The best virtual currency in the world was exchanged in December at over 23,000 dollars. When in early March the United States started fighting COVID-19, Bitcoin was under $4,000. It’s an inflammatory source of profits and losses for owners or sellers.

Despite this enormous fluctuation in Bitcoin prices, which usually rise, 2020 was a year of relative maturity for a currency that only traded for a decade. A Fintech newsletter from my perch as the editor for FIN.


Bitcoin has always had an issue with chicken eggs in its daily life: very few uses or accepts, since … very few use or accept it for one thing. Yet Bitcoin’s adaptation evolved markedly in 2020. Square’s $50 million investment in Bitcoin and PayPal allowed its users to purchase and sell Bitcoin through major fintech companies giving it a stamp of approval.

In 2021, the mainstream embrace is expected to be extended. Seek to announce at least one big US or EU bank system where you can buy or accept Bitcoin for your customers’ Digital Assets.

Transactions vs. Applications

One of the highest controversies in the last few years is whether or not cryptography should still be used for transactions, rather than only as an investment in speculation. In the United States, at least, taxation would always appear to be considered as a property for all cryptographic materials at the moment, with far-reaching consequences.

In addition, many cryptographic cases are not genuinely reflective or used in the reporting or possible tax liabilities, in particular stablecoins that are developed to act as exchange devices, continue discouraging cryptography from being used as a transactional medium. That is to say, and any crypto transaction can be taxed – not great news for bitcoin maximalists who predict that the fiat currencies will be replaced soon.

Big Tech Competition

Every payment company knows that there is still the digital payments market for seizures and that there is the greatest possible opportunity for payments involving various currency markets. This is because transactions like these can currently take days to conclude and also require heavy fees. If embryonic, Bitcoin has shown that this mechanism can be radically simplified via the global digital currency.

Prices and Diversification

The amount of cryptocurrencies, coins, tokens, and the range of crypto assets, in general, continues to grow nearly every day. How is this connection between Bitcoin and ether back and forth? The talk about the rising number of crypto assets goes far further than merely recognizing that there are ever more investable options.

Several applications run on the Ethereum blockchain connecting to the first stage. All stablecoins, DeFi, and NFTs connect to this non-bitcoin network. Because blockchain and cryptographic cases continue to diversify, it makes sense that capital will flow into a network supporting the plurality of new applications, if not the majority of them.

Playing Field

The administration of President-elect Joe Biden will take 90 days to set higher priorities than the regulation of crypto-monetary law, and the mood and experience of Congress on this topic are naturally difficult to read. The natural expectation is that Biden would be “good for the cryptocurrency” by a Democracy administration more strictly than by a Republican administration.

Perhaps Bitcoin enthusiasts prefer to ignore problems such as anonymity and the possible use of it for fraud, which are quite serious concerns for regulators. The team of Biden may well come up with a wider and more realistic means of controlling cryptocurrency, but I would not particularly bet on favoritism concerning bitcoin.

Asset vs. Platform

The competitiveness of bitcoin and ether essentially is further compared to a particular crypto asset that is priced by the marketplace. The ecosystem. To return to this in more practical terms, what is the real value of an organization such as Apple AAPL –1.2%; a particular product or networking effects (and information) allowing those devices? There may be a certain discrepancy on the next cause, but it generally happens that the network effects that serve a stable platform are a big part of the success of companies like Apple.


Because Bitcoin’s value is not linked explicitly to any evident real-world phenomenon (e.g., fiscal or monetary policy), it can be appreciated or depreciated in ways difficult to foresee or even justify. Some claim Bitcoin could hit as much as $50,000 next year, and while that seems extreme, the issue of investors moving money from other assets to Bitcoin is not out of the question.

Central Banks Competition

This year, the Bank of International Settlements released a study and survey showing that 80% of central banks worldwide are working on a digital currency. China has gone far further than any other country in the experiment with digital currency.

Recently, a lottery has taken place in the eastern Chinese town of Suzhou, west of Shanghai, where 100,000 people receive 200 Renminbi (around $30) each through the digital wallet.

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