Trendy Fashion Choices – Pick the Teddy Bear Coat

I’m already dreaming about spring even though we’re just hitting mid-winter. There are still many chilly dark mornings left, but with a trendy coat, at least one problem can be solved.

Jackets and coats are vital to get us through the rest of the season because they will keep us warm. But! Pair them with the right finishing touches, and you have yourself a trendy winter look.

Let’s forget puffer coats for a bit and chat about more classic shapes and colors; coats that keep you cozy and warm but still allow you to sit down on the train and keep within your bubble.

One style of this season has been the teddy bear coat! With soft textures and warm-toned colors, it is the perfect signature item for all outfits!

If you don’t have this trendy item in your wardrobe yet, you are missing out. Here are also some ideas on how to style it if you’re looking for outfit inspiration.

Dressing it down

Looking trendy in a teddy bear coat can be a bit tricky. It has become a popular item with teenage girls, and they know how to make it work.

Pair it with some chunky trainers, mom jeans, and a signature t-shirt, and you’ll have all the makings of a modern 80s girl with a staple piece.

You can throw a teddy bear coat over denim jeans and a knit jumper combo for a more casual adult look. It all adds up to create a cozy winter vibe. Alternatively, add some ankle boots to create a more chic feeling with your outfit.

It doesn’t matter how simple your outfit looks. Adding a teddy bear coat on top will instantly set you apart from the crowd.

If you like minimalism, try pairing your teddy with other neutral colors to complement the tone of the coat.

Mom jeans and trainers for a casual look

Mom jeans and trainer for a casual look

Dressing it bold

A chunky statement jacket can be a very loud and eye-catching addition.

If you want onlookers to appreciate the sheer size and texture of the teddy bear coat, wear some wide-leg pants, a plain shirt, and pointed boots. The milder choices with the rest of your outfit will allow people to appreciate the coat in its entirety.

As a bold dresser, if you want to create a more exciting look, wear some corduroy or bright patterned pants with a statement t-shirt.

They are pretty simple choices in terms of shapes, but the mix and match of colors and new textures will ensure that there are other interesting points in your style to look at, not just the teddy bear coat.

Bold colors and textured skirt

Bold colors and textured skirt

Dressing it up

The teddy bear coat also has a luxury feel to it, and if you have seen any celebrities wear it, you know that it has the potential to make you look and feel like a million bucks.

If you wear the teddy with a silk mid-length skirt, turtle neck, and textured heels – maybe croc or snakeskin – you will look date night ready.

There is a fun balance to be found with a teddy bear coat, so pairing it with tight-fitting clothes, like bodycon dresses, leather pants, pumps, or over the knee boots will offset the coat’s bulkiness.

Long dress for a sophisticated look

Long dress for a sophisticated look

Make the right choice

This coat is one of the most practical options out there. You can throw it on when you’re out and about looking dressed to the nines, or when you’re running an errand.

Your winter ensemble doesn’t have to leave you freezing in winter just to look trendy.

With such a versatile piece of clothing, you can be sure that you will be kept warm whether you’re out on the town or just doing your usual commute to work.

The teddy bear coat is a staple that is here to stay, and with each year they will only improve its quality and bring new ways to spice up this warm coat.

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