6 Amazing Tricks to Uplift Creative Branding

A solid brand image could take your business to great heights! It is crucial to establish your business image as a trusted brand for your customers. But if only it were this easy though! Gaining the confidence of your target audience takes more than just a good logo and wondering how to boost your customer base and sales? Creative branding could be the answer!

Creative branding can bring around a tremendous positive impact on your sales. Branding today involves both modern as well as traditional ways of boosting your company’s recognition and profits. Print, videos, and social media are great ways to uplift your creative branding. Here are six amazing creative branding tricks that could build brand recognition and help your business prosper:


  1. Make everlasting impressions with Branded Packaging:

Doesn’t receiving a branded packaging automatically make it unique even before you see the actual product? Also, if you bought the product yourself, opening an attractive branded package makes the experience extraordinary. Hence, a branded packaging makes great impressions that last well and keep calling the customer’s back.

Doing an elegant packing that comprises your company logos and color theme can do wonders to uplift your brand value as color improves brand recognition by up to 80%. Getting in touch with a team of experts like Brand Matters that understand your product could make your business logo a loved image for your clients.


  1. Rethink Your Social Media Approach:

Social media presence is essential for businesses, particularly for startups and small companies. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give new companies a wide variety of possibilities to establish themselves into the vast pool of sales opportunities.

In contrast to conventional marketing practices, a well planned and executed social media page could prove to be a great way to make everlasting relationships. Today, this is one of the best ways to create a following for your products and services. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram could allow your business to earn the media volume in a budget-friendly way.


  1. Be memorable with Videos:

64% of consumers purchase products after watching online videos. Video content marketing is gaining momentum in terms of both sales and popularity. Watching a video about your brand leaves more impact on your consumers than merely reading about it or listening about it.

Another great way of using visual media effectively is by making videos with influencers give a famous personality to your brand. This also helps you gain new audiences as influencers also bring their followers with them. Once a renowned influencer shows loyalty towards your product, your brand automatically gets uplifted. On average, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing.


  1. Cash on visibility with Banner Ads on the Internet:

Going for banner ads in a big way makes people look at your brand again and again. Smartly placed internet ads can get you popularity and potential customers. This method of creative branding is not only cheaper than getting a big billboard advertisement but promises a broader reach as well.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • Get a design that stands out.
  • Run such campaigns for a longer duration across various platforms. A Consistent brand presentation tends to increase revenue by up to 23% across all platforms.
  • Always enable a call to action button and other features that make the audiences click.


  1. Go local on SEO:

Undoubtedly, SEO plays an essential role in your marketing strategy. However, Local SEO could make a huge impact when it comes to precise location targeting. Almost 46% of all search engine queries are looking for local services. Hence, going big on local SEO could drive branded traffic to your website.


  1. Blog your way up the Branding Ladder:

One can regard blogging as one of the best creative branding concepts. Posting original content periodically uplifts your brand’s image as a leader. Always keep your content close to your product and create a virtual correlation in your follower’s minds. Regularly keep giving updated data to the readers to make the blogs useful.

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