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Trucking Christmas Cards – Holidays on the Truck

If you are thinking about going to visit your grandparents for the holiday season while traveling in your truck, then you might have a lot of things in mind. It is not a secret that when you are trucking over the holiday season, the situation can get really busy, stressful, and quite expensive. However, being on a truck while everyone sings merry carols is not completely bad.

There are still a lot of things that you can appreciate in your holiday season in the truck. So get your trucking Christmas cards ready while we give you a few tips when you are trying to find joy in trucking during the holidays.

Trucking  Christmas Cards: Tip No. 1 – Avoid the “Avoid” days

Look for the critical avoid day on the calendar before you plan on your travel. This goes for all the holidays that you might be trucking in. For the Christmas season, avoid traveling on the 23rd as this is when people are going to begin piling up on the streets to meet with their families to spend the rest of the year. When you travel on the 25th itself, it might surprise you but it is better. The streets are not as filled and there can be a few bargains on the road given the holiday spirit is alive and well.

Trucking  Christmas Cards: Tip No. 2 – Plan Your Routes

Anytime when you travel, as a trucker, you should know that there is no way you should be going through a busy city during its peak hours. Plan your routes carefully so you do not have to go through a place where you might get held up for longer than what you intended.

It would, however, be a different scenario if you intended to pass by some of the great city gatherings on your way to your destination. After all, the stops are one of the main attractions of traveling during the holiday season.

Trucking  Christmas Cards: Tip No. 3 – Pack Lightly

It is never the best idea to pack too much when you are traveling. Though there are certain things that you should carry with you, like a few toiletries, a change of clothes, and your wallet, some things you should be able to live without. The trick here is to compromise. If you want to have some music as every trucker does, then bring your phone full of mp3s instead of bringing a guitar. Some essentials do not even have to be carried around from the start of the trip. Food, for instance, should be eaten on stops because it can get messy quickly inside the cramped space of a truck.

Trucking  Christmas Cards: Tip No. 4 – Study the Routes

As a trucker, you should know by now that there are many routes you can take advantage of when going from destination to destination. The holiday season makes these shortcut routes even more valuable for a lot of reasons. One, you can avoid the busy streets and go to the roads less traveled. And two, these routes will give you the perfect opportunity to explore some unseen places that might surprise you during the holidays.

Trucking  Christmas Cards: Tip No. 5 – Check your Engines

A truck is the lifeblood of the trucker, and as such it might be best to make sure that it will not break down at any point in your journey. Do a few more rounds of check-ups before you roll out, especially during the holidays. There might not be an available mechanic in these times and the harsh weather can cause you more problems than usual.

Trucking  Christmas Cards: Tip No. 6 – Pack Some Music

There is still a debate going on about how the trucker music came to be. But one thing is certain, every trucker loves his music. A holiday drive will not be so different albeit with fewer country music and more music about Santa. Make sure that you can get your trucker spirit up by having the right tunes perfect for the holiday season.

Trucking  Christmas Cards: Tip No 7 – Take a Moment

When trucking for work, we are often dealt with one simple rule: fast is always good. But when you are on holiday, this rule should be left by the roadside. For sure, there are a few attractions that catch your eye when you are driving down roads. A holiday trucking adventure is a perfect opportunity for you to check them out. Want to see the world’s biggest bagel? Why not – have a bite? Have you ever been meaning to try out a new putt-putt course? By all means, knock yourself out.

And finally, some of the most beautiful roads in the world present themselves during the holidays. You should try to appreciate these on your drive-bys and even take a picture to show your friends and family. Take a picture of yourself with your truck too and you could then make a perfect trucking Christmas card out of it.

Trucking  Christmas Cards – Final Word

There are other things that you should always remember like bringing stuff needed for emergencies. These are important aspects that could make or break a vacation trip. Make sure you have them handy and should an unfortunate incident happen, remember to keep calm and go about it with a clear head. After all, you would not want your holiday spirit to be ruined.

Vacationing is one of the few things that make it worthwhile to work ourselves to the bone throughout the year. And when you know your vacation is taking you back to your family, then the more it becomes sweeter. Always make sure that your heart is set on what you are doing and not just making another delivery. The trucking life turns as the truck’s wheels do, but it does not mean that you cannot have a little fun while doing it every once in a while.

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