6 Truths About Sex That Every Woman Should Learn

Sex in real life is not similar to sex in movies. All that you know about enjoying sex probably comes down to many trials and mistakes. Even though learning along the way is quite fun, it makes no sense to spend your time pretending to have an orgasm or being embarrassed by your appearance. That’s why we gathered these six truths about sex that every woman should learn.

1. You actually can laugh

Sex may have seemed very serious when you were a beginner, but do yourself a favor and relax a bit. Feeling comfortable in your skin during sex means accepting your flaws and the fact that bodies sometimes do strange things or make strange noises. And if something slips into an embarrassing sphere, try to focus on humor over humiliation.

If you can laugh when someone falls out of bed, gets leg cramps, or accidentally makes a strange noise, you can turn a potentially awkward moment into a connecting memory.

2. Don’t refuse condoms

Many people think that condoms are more of a nuisance than a savior. Moreover, men (especially young) tend to say that sex with condoms is not pleasant. But you should understand that condoms are important and many great options protect without feeling constrained. It is also important to carry condoms with you. If your partner harshly refuses to wear a condom, it is better to think over such relations.

3. Sex shouldn’t be painful

Even though trying out new things can be positive, it should never cause discomfort. However, many women who experience pain during sexual intercourse think that this is simply the reality of sex. It is important to understand that if sex hurts, you shouldn’t ignore it. If you experience pain during sex, consult a doctor who has experience treating sexual pain.

4. Fake orgasms are bad for both of you

From time to time, it may seem tempting to fake an orgasm, regardless of whether we know that this will not happen or simply want to strengthen our partner’s ego. Now the problem is that he thinks he is the master of your orgasms. Moreover, he will repeat the same movements over and over again, believing that they will give positive results. Thus, your innocent act can send you on a long way of sex without orgasm. Do yourself a favor, skip theatrical performances, and offer constructive criticism instead. You should understand that it takes more effort to fake and moan than to direct him toward your clitoris.

5. Don’t worry about your appearance

You can know the best sex tricks but if you don’t feel comfortable in your body, sex will always be mediocre. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to increase your self-confidence. It takes a lot of patience, constant effort, kindness, and control. You should also avoid the people and the media that leave you unsatisfied with your appearance. Find out what makes you feel beautiful, confident, strong, and sexy. When you will improve your self-confidence, your sex life will improve as well.

6. Be present

It can be easy to get lost in your thoughts during sex regardless of whether you think about how your body looks or this work project that you need to finish. If you get stuck in your head during sex, you should focus on waking your body before having sex. You can try “sensation play techniques,” which include eliminating one or two senses (like vision or sound) to enhance other senses (like touch).

Use a blindfold on your partner and then massage him with warm massage oil or use a feather for the body. This makes his sensation stronger. It can help bring you into your body and out of your head.

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