Trying to Conceive? Here’s When to Take an Ovulation Test

If you want to conceive or get pregnant then you need to make sure that you know about your ovulation cycle. To have intercourse at the right time, you need to determine when your body ovulates. If you want to get pregnant then you need to look for the ovulation signs so that you can do a home test and confirm your fertility window. 

Today you have online fertility calculator tools that can help you estimate when your body would be most fertile. But along with using the best ovulation calendar calculator, you have to make sure that you consider the signs that we have discussed below!

Signs that would tell you it’s Time to Take an Ovulation Test:

The signs we have discussed below are going to tell you when it is time to take an ovulation test. Don’t worry you need not visit a hospital. You can bring in home ovulation tests and take a test at home. The ovulation tests are the same as taking a home pregnancy test.

Increased Cervical Mucus: 

One of the most common signs that you have to note before using an ovulation calculator is your increased cervical mucus. If you see that cervical mucus is increasing and is turning clear and slippery then it means that your body is about to ovulate. A woman’s body has its natural way of welcoming pregnancy. When the vaginal mucus is slippery then it makes the sex more desirable and increases the chances of conceiving. The male sperm can easily reach the fallopian tube when the vagina is slippery.

Check Increase in your Basal Temperature: 

When your body is about to ovulate then it is going to increase your body temperature. When the fertility calculator tells you that you are fertile you need to check your basal body temperature. Even a slight increase in temperature would tell you that your body is ovulating. You can monitor the temperature with the help of a thermometer. 

Increased Sexual Drive:

If you feel like having sex at all times then it is the biggest sign that your body is ovulating. Having sex at this time would increase your chances of getting pregnant by more than 50%. If you want to conceive then you need to have sex at this time. Now know that you don’t have to have sex multiple times in the ovulation cycle. Having sex once or twice would do the trick! Another way to check ovulation is to make use of an ovulation calculator.

Check the Position of your Cervix:

Another thing that you need to check is the position of your cervix. When the accurate ovulation calculator gives you potential days of ovulation you can confirm it by poking into your vagina. By poking inside your vagina you can easily check the position of your cervix. If the cervix is hard and can be easily touched by your finger then it means that your body is not in the ovulation mode but if the cervix is soft but has moved upwards then it is a clear sign that your body is about to ovulate. This is the perfect time to have sex.

How to Take an Ovulation Test?

If the signs are there and the days match the results of the fertility calendar then you need to take an ovulation test. Ovulation tests are the same as pregnancy tests. You simply have to pee in a cup and put the ovulation predictor test strip inside it. Now take it out after a few seconds and let the urine sink in. If two dark lines appear on the strip then it means that you are ovulating. 

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