Turn Photos into Amazing Slideshows with Slideshow Makers

Software and online tools allow you to turn your favorite photos (and videos) into stunning video slideshows

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And if that is the case, there must be a lot of images worth a lot of words, right? They surely are. Whether it’s celebrating special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and graduations, or capturing the beauty of nature, wildlife, etc., or even the iconic hipster that sets it apart from taking selfies of a gazillion, photos have always been the best way to immortalize memories and expressions of ourselves, and that is the case.

Almost all of us have a large collection of pictures (and of course, videos, which are kind of photo extensions) on our computers, smartphones, or whatever else we like to revisit frequently. But we know that that clicking through the list of photos (and videos) over and over is often a little monotonous. This is where image slideshow tools come into play.

These fun software and online tools allow you to turn your favorite photos (and videos) into stunning video slideshows, with things like background music, cool sinister transition effects, and even captions. Sounds dope, right? Read on, as we go down our list of some of the best slideshow makers out there. For your convenience, we have divided the list into desktop-based software and online tools. We will discuss the desktop applications first and then move on to the web ones.


Best Slide Makers – Desktop Applications

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Well-rounded program, it makes slideshow videos extremely easy. You can either upload multiple audio files of your choice or use some pre-installed sound effects. Finally, select one (or all) of the built-in conversion effects to be applied. What’s more, you can individually apply basic adjustments like automatic optimization, volume leveling, rotation, etc. to the media added before creating the slideshow, and the preview windows on the right make it easy to preview and adjust the changes, thanks to its labeled playback. Movavi supports a large number of input and output formats, including BMP, GIF, and PNG (Images); 3GP, MP4, MKV (video); AAC, FLAC, and MP3 (audio).


ProShow Gold

It can be a little intimidating if taking a look at ProShow Gold for the first time, given the barrage of sub-windows, settings, and other things that make up the user interface. However, once you get used to it all, things get much easier. This professional-tech slideshow maker app boasts a host of healthy features. You can start by adding pictures and videos for use in the slideshow via the “Folder List” column on the left, as they are added to the ” Slide List / Timeline” bar at the bottom. You can also use the import option to add content directly from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Picasa. After adding them, every added photo/video can be modified extensively, and you can add everything from photomontages to transformation effects, to themes.


Windows Movie Maker

Although it’s true that paid software apps generally offer a broader set of features, more often than not, the free materials are fine. While it may not be packed with fifty thousand unique features, the veteran video editing software, which comes from no other company than Microsoft, packs more than enough capabilities to hold all of your slideshow creation needs. Ribbon UI is easy to use, with Windows Movie Maker is a breeze. To turn things off, you can add your favorite photos and videos, music, or even recorded videos directly. You can also add music embedding/output effects to transfers, and preview changes directly in the preview window. Once you do that, simply save the created slideshow video with any of the built-in presets. You can also create presets and share the created video to online services like YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook. The only provider here is that the output video support is limited to only one format, which is WMV.


Best Slide Makers: Online Tools


FlexClip slideshow maker is among one of the easiest and best slideshow making tools. Its online and it has a very simple interface where users can easily and quickly add their photos one by one or all by folders. After uploading all the pictures you want, select one of the thousands of templates it has. And you are done. They set all in the templates. Whether you want to make a slideshow for a birthday, wedding, family, travel, etc., you can find the perfect template to start with. 60+ preset transitions including Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Page Curl can help blend your photos together smoothly. A variety of text animations are provided. You can customize text size, color, font, and placement of text to give it a perfect look. You can choose background music from the library or add your own songs. The audio tools help you easily tune the music to match the slideshow. And you can also edit the slideshow as you want because FlexClip is also a video editor.

FlexClip Slide Maker


There is much more mockery to Slidely than meets the eye. It’s because not only is it a photo slideshow, but it can also produce photo collages just fine.  If you would like to use pictures from your computer, or you can import some of them directly from social networks and services like Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox, Slidely has you covered. Once you are done adding the photos, you can add background music, which can either be downloaded from the computer, or it can be imported from YouTube, SoundCloud, and then more. As a final step, add information like title, description, etc., and click the button save My Slidely. The created slideshow video will be shared on your Slidely profile, and it can also be shared directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Slidely photo slideshow maker



Magisto offers a wide range of features, and it places great emphasis on group sharing and collaboration. A great tool for slideshows that is great, it quickly turns your photos and videos into great-looking videos. Magisto also requires any web-based service to create a free account to get started. Once you get past that, it’s a simple and straightforward process. You start by adding photos and videos, which can be uploaded from your computer, or imported directly from Google Drive.

Magisto Photos Slideshow Maker

For the next step, you can choose from a variety of pre-defined topics, from pets to independent topics, and foods. Then, just upload the background music (or choose from the available ones), type a name, and Magisto will take it from there. You can access all the video clips created, called movies, within the subsection the My Movies. And there’s more. Magisto also lets you create groups of videos, called albums, that can be edited collaboratively by the users you specify. Obviously, the videos being viewed can be shared on the major social networks, as well as via the unique URL. You can upload all kinds of videos (like MOV, 3G2, ASF ) to create movies. However, during testing, we were unable to verify the video output format, due to free account restrictions. Magisto also has a PC app, if you prefer.

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