Types of Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

Gathering evidence for a personal injury case can be rough because it causes victims and their families to have to relive the trauma to take it to court.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid this, but the good news is that cases with this evidence are far more likely to be found in the victim’s favor.

Medical Paperwork

When the victim is injured and sought out medical help, the paperwork of that transaction and any work they did on the victim is evidence.

This can show how extensive the damages were and will ensure that the court can see the depth of what happened.

Medical evidence can also be any therapy or necessary mental health care that has to be undertaken. This can help with a ‘pain and suffering’ plea because of the adverse effect on the victim’s mental health.

Incident Scene Evidence

If the accused threw a chair against the victim or did something else that damaged the items in the surrounding, that’s evidence. In assault cases, any evidence that has body fluids on it should be gathered to prove what happened.

Although this can all be highly uncomfortable for the victim, it’s vital to push through it so that the perpetrator can be punished for what they did.

Witness Testimony

If you shop around for excellent personal injury law firms in Kingston, PA, you’ll be asked the same thing by each of them: were there any witnesses. A witness that can corroborate the victim’s story is worth their weight in gold.

In addition, witnesses can explain things from a third viewpoint to ensure that the courts understand the truth.

Although you can still win a personal injury case without an expert witness, they’re what every case wants to have.

Photo or Video Evidence

Regardless of the nature of the incident, photo evidence is vital because it can show how violent the injury was.  This could be evidence of the attack as it happened or evidence afterward like photos of bruising or other extensive property damage.

A video walk-through of the scene could also be vital because it would allow a closer view if anything is missed.

Other Physical Evidence

If there’s any other physical evidence, like information on the weather patterns to match the stories, vehicle information, vehicle evidence, and dozens of other little things that add to a complete picture.

This is often where the most evidence is, and that’s a good thing!  The more evidence, the better standing the case has to win.

Financial Evidence

This is generally evidence of loss of income or lost hours. The best way to show this is through old pay stubs, paperwork saying you’re not able to work anymore, and anything that might reiterate that point.

Although you could pull in coworkers and bosses as witnesses to discuss what they saw and how much you worked, it’s easier to have the paperwork on hand so they can follow the line of evidence.

Unfortunately, most cases do settle out of court: but with all of this evidence, it could be hard to turn this case down.

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