Types Of Facemasks To Use For Covid-19

The outbreak of the coronavirus has brought a lot of changes when it comes to how people live daily as one is now obliged to put on a facial mask when going to a public place while trying to maintain social and physical distancing as well. People equally have to observe proper hand hygiene by washing their hands often and sanitizing them.

Where can I buy facemasks is what most people are searching for during this period. Having a face mask is an easy way and affordable means to stay safe and avoid contracting the virus. Many people do not find it comfortable wearing the mask but there are several different types of masks to go for and the good thing is that printed facemasks make them more stylish.

The printed facemasks are not like the regular facemasks, as they offer different designs and messages that just make them so cool.


Some of the different types of masks

Surgical masks

There are several types of surgical masks with the most common being the disposable which can expand and cover the nose, mouth, and the jawline produced with breathable synthetic fabric.



The respirators are fit and made of tangled fibers that are extremely good at purifying bacteria in the air. Some of the respirators are made with valves that permit air to be exhaled which makes it easier for anyone using it to breathe.


Cloth mask

The cloth mask is generally referred to as the DIY (Do-it-yourself) mask that can be made by anyone. All that is needed is the fabric, elastic, and some thread.


When is it important to wear a mask?

During this period, one of the prominent questions that pop out from everyone’s mouth or what people keep thinking about is; where can I buy a facemask? Facemasks can be gotten from online shops and pharmacies.

The CDC recommends people wear their facemasks when making any public appearance while maintaining physical distance as much as possible because physical contact is the main way to get infected. While going to; grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, job sites, or any other health care facility, it is very essential to go out with a mask.


Face mask safety tips

  • Always carry a hand sanitizer around and use it to sanitize the hands each time one puts on the face mask, removes it, or touches any part of the mask.
  • Remove the face mask by holding it by the ear loops and avoid touching the front part of the mask.
  • Ensure the face masks fit properly and the straps well placed over the ears or behind the head.
  • Restrain from touching the mask while it is on the face.
  • Always try to have the mask sanitized properly.
  • If the facemask (respirator or surgical mask) has to be reused, trying to have it isolated in a breathable container like a paper bag for at least a week. Doing this will ensure that if the mask has been contaminated, the virus will become inactive and no longer be infectious.
  • If using a cloth mask, make sure to wash and dry it after every use. It can be washed with laundry detergent. The mask can equally be placed in a paper bag and kept in a warm and dry place for at least 2 days before being worn again.

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